What is an Integrated Neighbourhood?

Over the past nine months, many changes have happened in offices, hospitals and GP surgeries. Most of it is unknown to the general public, yet these changes will impact everyone.

There has been a national shift from Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), which decide where NHS money is spent locally, to a new Integrated Care System (ICS). This new system works completely differently from the CCG, including representatives from the care sector, local government and community and volunteer services within that decision-making process.

It isn’t straightforward and is still being rolled out. Here at Support Cambridgeshire, we have tried to simplify it HERE

However, we felt that we also wanted someone to come and talk through the changes, particularly the new Integrated neighbourhoods. Dr Abby Richardson, the clinical lead for Integrated Neighbourhoods, agreed to talk through the changes and their impact on communities.

The event can be viewed below.


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