VCS Rep Report : ICS Local People Board 25/11/22

Meeting attended: Local People Board

VCS Representatives: Sharon Allen

Date of meeting: 25/11/2022

Summary of agenda items / key themes discussed:

The Terms of Reference were signed off following feedback provided at the previous meeting.

An Action Plan was shared capturing the points from the substantive part of the previous meeting which focused on recruitment and retention

Seven KPIs have been suggested, focusing on: joiners by profession, time to recruit, turnover, length of time in role, use of bank and agency, vacancy rates and leaver data. I raised a question about how these can be made meaningful across the system when there is such divergence of systems within organisations and capacity to capture and report – this is being looked at.

A number of actions, some of which will sit with the Enabler (previously known as sub-groups) groups (Supply and Information, EDI etc) and some of which will remain at Board level. Some of these are very NHS focused, eg International Recruitment, others are more system wide.

The substantive discussion in this meeting was on the second priority area of System Leadership and Culture. The information pack provided detail on the differing ways elements of the system capture feedback from colleagues; the NHS completes an annual staff survey and comparator information can be provided on the main NHS providers in C&P. The Local Authority isn’t able to do this as most social care is provided in the independent sector. The Council does carry out pulse surveys, the most recent focus was on EDI. Arthur Rank Hospice Charity was asked to provide detail of our approach, we shared highlights from our most recent staff survey in respect of leadership and culture and aspects of our most recent CQC inspections in the domain of Well-Led. The Training Hub for GP’s reported on their approach and we were reminded of learning and development programmes available to system partners: Mary Seacole Programme, Springboard (personal development for women) Leading Beyond Boundaries and a proposed new programme: Above Difference. This will support the development of a cultural intelligence framework to support leaders and staff become more culturally aware through the use of personal analysis and economic modelling. We were also reminded of Michael West’s work on Compassionate Leadership and an NHS programme Civility Saves Lives which is being rolled out in February 2023 and hopefully will have opportunities for voluntary sector engagement.

Implications for the VCS

We should engage with the various programmes available (some ARHC colleagues have undertaken Leading Beyond Boundaries and find it incredibly valuable). Leadership and Development Opportunities will be launched on the website (we can also advertise vacancies on this website)

We should seek to engage with the ‘Stepping into my shoes’ programme which supports local leaders to work together, learn and share knowledge from across the system and create public services that are more integrated based on the needs of the local population.


No specific actions from this meeting.


Date, time and venue of next meeting and name of the representative who will be attending

Friday 13 January, 13.30  (via Teams), Sharon will be attending

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