VCS Rep Report : C&P ICB Commissioning & Investment 17/2/23

Meeting attended: C&P ICB Commissioning & Investment Committee

VCS Representatives: Miriam Martin

Date of meeting: 17/2/2023

Summary of agenda items / key themes discussed:

  1. ICB board assurance framework was presented.  The framework details the strategic risks the ICB is managing currently.
  2. ICS allocations strategy – The aim of this strategy is enable driving evidence based resource allocation with a focus on outcomes. It will give a model and shape on how to evidence best value for the public pound and will provide a tool for this committee to make the right decisions that achieve best economic return and may be used for future commissioning decisions. The expectation is that this model will be created following engagement fully across the system. It is intended to be a high level strategic piece of work and not about operational planning and delivery.
  3. Estates strategy – this item provided a detailed summary of the state of current estates. At this stage it is work in progress. It is ambitious and I got the impression it will be difficult to deliver because of all the various stakeholders and what they see as the future compared to the leadership of the system!
  4. Pre-delegation assessment framework (specialist services) – The health and care act 2022 determined that from April 2023 specialist services, previously the remit of NHS England could be delegated to ICB’s based on their readiness. Following the completion of an assessment it has been agreed that specialist services can be delegated to ICB’s in the East of England. 23/24 will be a preparatory year with the development of this work being overseen by a joint committee comprising of reps from all ICB’s in the East. There are 59 specialist services including: specialist cardiology, ophthalmology and cancer services. The key risk with this is needing to ensure that funds match what is currently commissioned and that this doesn’t worsen the position of already challenged ICB’s (I can share the documents in relation to this if of interest)
  5. Pharmacy, dental and optometry services – these will now be hosted regionally and will come under ICB accountability. ICB is anxious about this given the current pressures on dentistry so concerned about how to improve when the current services are so restricted.
  6. DWP employment support with IAPT services (offering employment support alongside mental health therapies)– the committee approved a proposal for dispensation from the tendering process for this contract. It is currently held by Richmond Fellowship.

Implications for the VCS

  • Item 2 – We need to ensure our engagement in this as it has the potential to shape future commissioning of services.


  • Re above – could we invite a member of the consulting team to a future health alliance meeting? Happy to chase down a contact

Date, time and venue of next meeting and name of the representative who will be attending

21st April 11am – 1pm.  Miriam Martin expects to attend


Ged Curran                         –          Chair

Nicci Briggs                          –           CFO ICB

Martin Wheelhan               –           Representative of the chief of staff

Simon Barlow                      –           Representative of the chief of staff

Dr Gary Howsam               –           ICB Chief clinical improvement officer

Dr Fiona Head                    –           ICB Medical director

Louis Kamfer                        –           ICB Managing director strategic                                              commissioning

Dr Simon Hambling           –           ICB Primary medical services

Ellie Addison                        –           Healthwatch

Wanda Kerr                         –           Assistant director special projects

Sarah Hughes                     –           NEM ICB

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