The Tricky World of Funding

We all know that funding is getting harder to achieve and maintain. We also know that funding authorities or agencies expect more for their money than ever before, and the funding world is becoming ever more competitive. So where does an organisation start..??

Stage 1 – Take  a look at our Funding Fact-sheets here

Stage 2 – Finding Funds: Take a look at our self-help funding portal. This portal enables you to browse or search in excess of 2,000 possible funds which are updated regularly.

Simply click here to register and start searching…!! Searching is free and unlimited.

Stage 3 – If you want more detailed support or help simply contact and we will connect you with a Development Worker who can take you through a Grant-Finder search (which has access to even more funds). The Development Worker can also offer advice and support on what your project might look like, what funding authorities are looking for and how best to construct your application form.

Stage 4 – Find that evidence: It can often be difficult to find that all important evidence to support your application. Take a look at Cambridgeshire Insight by clicking here.

Cambridgeshire Insight showcases local research and information from a host of partners across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. No registration is required and users can access a range of local data-sets and key information including population estimates, population forecasts, local housing completions, statistics on deprivation, the economy, crime and much more. Take a look today..!!

Stage 5 – You might need to demonstrate some of your outcomes or impacts. This can be a very difficult area to navigate so you might want to take a look at our Toolbox Guidance Note as a starter. Simply click here.

If you want to explore the area of Impact in more detail you can go straight to the NPC website (New Philanthropy Capital) by clicking here.

The diagnostics tools have been built with the input of both charities and social enterprises so you might find it useful in thinking about how you can best turn vision into reality.

If you require a bespoke session on impact management or how best to obtain funding get in touch ( and we will do our best to help and guide.

Finally, take a look at our training delivered through our partnership. Simply click here. 


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