Tips for Crowd-funder success!!

So, what makes for a successful Crowd-funding campaign. Here’s the latest tips from Cambridgeshire County Council:

Set a realistic target: If you don’t reach your target you don’t get the money. Its far better to start lower, reach your target and over-fund. This is called a stretched target.

Create an engaging campaign: How would you tell someone about your project to get them excited and motivated about it?

Get early support: Use your existing contacts..!! Get an early commitment from existing connections or supporters before your campaign goes live. Seeing that others have backed you gives the crowd greater confidence in your campaign.

Plan your campaign: Ensure you set some time aside every day to work on your campaign. Co-ordinate your communications, write engaging copy and work with your existing networks to promote and publicise your campaign.

Stay positive: If you feel like your campaign is losing energy, contact your supporters and ask them to spread the word. In the last few weeks campaigns often gain momentum and reach their target..!!

If you want to know more about a Crowd-funder campaign join us at our informal network event: Click here for more details and to book a space.


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