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The value of small

The value of small recognises the distinct contribution that small and medium sized Charities make across the UK (Quite fitting in Small Charities Week).

The research was undertaken by a team led by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University, and including Sheffield Business School (SBS), the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership (CVSL) at the Open University, and the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR).

The report notes that: “Stakeholders and smaller charities spoke of the crucial role of an effective local infrastructure organisation”. It goes on to explore examples of formal collaboration and partnership working, acknowledging the role that infrastructure organisations have played in facilitating successful collaborations between Small and medium Charities, larger charities and the public sector.

The value of small captures the very distinct contribution and value of Small and medium sized Charities operating at local level, but it also highlights the major challenges they face, concluding with recommendations and calls to action to both Funding Agencies and Commissioning bodies. The recommendations include funding reform, re-framing and strengthening the role of social value and sustaining healthy local ecosystems.

Click here to access the full report.

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