The pitfalls of Facebook

In a recent edition of the Get Connected Magazine from the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce an article appeared on the pitfalls of Facebook and the importance of having a social media policy.

Nicola Cockerill from Buckles Solicitors LLP explains:

A recent national story reported the case of an employee who lost her job as a manager at a residential care home for posting pictures and videos on her Facebook page.

The post depicted a regular music night held at the care home, and whilst it showed both staff and residents enjoying the evening, it was also alleged to have breached the employers policies and procedures and this resulted in her employment of 21 years being terminated.

Nicola comments that as a solicitor she is continually surprised at these type of cases, and the fact that many organisations still fail to have relevant guidelines on social media that employees can follow.

Here’s some top tips for a good social media policy:

  • Organisations should ensure they have a robust social media policy in place which clearly details what is acceptable and what is not. If an organisation adopts a zero-tolerance policy to social media then this needs to be made clear.
  • Organisations should use plain language that employees will understand. Try to avoid jargon or highly complicated technical terms which could cause confusion or misunderstanding.
  • Ensure employees are aware of the social media policy which exists and ensure that at induction, this policy is clearly understood.
  • Ensure the social media policy is regularly reviewed and updated. Social media itself is a new and rapidly evolving world and the policy will need to evolve in tandem.
  • Ensure the social media policy is applied consistently amongst staff.

A template social media policy is shown here:

If organisations need advice or guidance when constructing a social media policy then this is offered free of charge at


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