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Trustee Week – Come join us, it’s not just for your committee and board

We are very excited to bring you the Support Cambridgeshire Trustee Week, happening between the 8th and 10th of November, National Trustees Week in the UK.

As part of that, we are hosting four events across three days which are aimed at upskilling and broadening the knowledge and understanding of those who drive are part of the strategic vision of our Voluntary and Community Sector.

Each event is open to anyone who wants to know more, and most are passive, with the option to ask questions of some fantastic professionals. This is an excellent opportunity to engage your ​board and committee in upskilling, which supports their development in making the right decisions for your organisation. However, we are happy to have you if you’re a volunteer, member of the public or staff member interested in the subject.

These events are open to any organisation, however small or large, that works within the county of Cambridgeshire and the city of Peterborough. We thank those who have supported us in offering this event timetable.

Day One – What it is to be a Trustee 

This event is perfect for the current trustee or committee members who need a recap of their responsibilities. It is also perfect for new committee and board members who want to know more. We also welcome those working within the VCSE who want to know more about the role of a charitable Trustee or committee member.

Day Two – 101 Day

In the morning, we have Insurance 101, which will allow those on board​s to grasp the types of charitable insurance on offer and ask professional questions. This includes trustee insurance which covers those on boards for liability.

We then have DBS 101 in the early evening, another topic that those making decisions about the organisation’s direction need to know. For example, what is a ​data barring check, why is it needed and do your volunteers and staff need to have one?

Day Three – Who’s the Boss? 

Getting on Board is supporting Support Cambridgeshire to host this exciting event which looks at the role of the Chair and what makes the relationship between Chair and CEO work. Open to all to come and listen to some fantastic and talented speakers to talk through this relationship and how chairs and CEOs take this further.

Some events will be recorded, but this is the only opportunity you will have to ask questions of the professionals we have pooled together. We, therefore, suggest you book your place as soon as possible.


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