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Once upon a time, a group never asked for volunteers 

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When you are looking to buy a new home device or try out a new sport, what is the one thing most people will do, apart from google it? Ask a friend.  

It is common knowledge that word of mouth is the most effective way to market. We are much more likely to buy something that someone who we identify with has had a positive experience with than we will read something. This is why marketing through social media and influencers has had such a significant impact in the past few years.  

So why not utilise this within your not-for-profit group around volunteer recruitment and use those volunteers you already have to get you more volunteers? 

Story time.  

I once knew a group that never advertised for volunteers by promoting that they wanted volunteers. Yet they would attract around 70 volunteers every few months just through one easy method. They would tell a story on Facebook of one of their volunteers and the impact they made on their community and the impact this had on the volunteer themself. They used a stock image linked as closely to the story and then shared it across the local Facebook groups, asking, ‘Would you like to be part of this?’, the replies would always amaze the volunteer manager, who then quickly contacted those who showed interest and had them going through the induction process a week after that initial post was put out! It was a recipe for success.  

How can Volunteer Cambs boost our recruitment? 

Volunteer Cambs want to give you that opportunity to do the same. When you go on our website you see on the front page our stories blogs. These are the stories of those wonderful volunteers within our communities talking about what they do, how they make an impact, and what they get out of it. We want to get as many groups as possible from across Cambridgeshire on there.  

How do we make the most of this story? 

At Volunteer Cambs, we can then link your stories with your current volunteer roles. This means once someone has been motivated to volunteer for a group like yours, they are taken directly through how they can get involved.  

This isn’t the only way to squeeze the most out of this blog. You can also then link this story in your social media, and share it across Facebook groups and other platforms, making sure to get your volunteer to share it too, because word of mouth is the most effective marketing method.  

How do I get our stories on Volunteer Cambs? 

So, find your most inspirational volunteer and get in contact, the story can take many forms, an interview with us, a story, or explaining the volunteer roles you have but make sure you have amazing quotes throughout. Check out what we have already put on the website and email info@volunteercambs.org.uk  

NEW! On-Demand video – Attracting Volunteers & What is a committee?

We have recently added a new on-demand session to our portal, this one centers around attracting volunteers.

Volunteering : Do we need Passport or Passporting?

Following the Connecting Communities Conference, there was a keen interest in learning more about the concept of Volunteer Passports and how moving people around organisations could be possible.

With that, we invited Gethyn Wiliams to talk through the theory of Passports and give space for groups and organisations to explore the ideas of how or if this could be something Cambridgeshire VCSE could be up for.

Below you will find the slides, recording and notes which followed the presentation, which was part of the event on the 20th of September 2022.

Next Steps

Thank you to all those who attended and took part, at this stage the Support Cambridgeshire team are not sure where we go with what came out of the event and thank you to all those who are intrested to know and be part of future conversation, if you where unable to make the event but would like to be kept in the loop of the event please email info@supportcambridgeshire.org.uk