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United with Ukraine Community Grant / Cambridge City

CAMBRIDGE City Council has launched a grant for community groups to apply for up to £2,000 to support people who have fled the war in Ukraine.

To be eligible, funded activities will need to meet one or more of the following priorities:

  • Navigating life in the UK
  • Promoting community cohesion and integration
  • Delivering money advice and management
  • Supporting access to employment
  • Increasing confidence in speaking English
  • Enhancing wellbeing, including activities for children

Groups can apply on a rolling basis and applicants will be informed of the outcome within four weeks. Applications will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis, with funding being allocated until the provisional total fund of £100,000 is exhausted.

It is possible for groups to make multiple applications, but only one activity per group will be funded at any given time (evidence will need to be submitted that one grant has been spent as agreed prior to applying for further funding). Apply online: www.cambridge.gov.uk/united-with-ukraine-community-grant

Signposting for groups who aid current refugees & asylum seekers

Over the past few years, refugees and asylum seekers have come into Cambridgeshire from many countries, including Afganstrain and Ukraine.  A number of support systems are already in place through charities, community groups and local government.


CVS Support

Hunts Forum and CCVS are here to support groups looking for suitable funding and advice to develop current services or new ones to support those coming into Cambridgeshire. So please contact info@supportcambridgeshire.org.uk, and we will forward you to the suitable CVS for your district.


Local Council Resources

Cambridgeshire County Council has information regarding Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

All councils have developed their own support services to support those from Ukraine.


Charity Sector Support

A number of local groups and charities are set up to support refugees and those currently within host families.  CCVS is keeping their website pages updated with these.

CCVS Website

Other services, such as How Are You (H.A.Y.) Cambridgeshire & Peterborough have collated activities and other information.

HAY Cambridgeshire and Peterborough


Update on Ukrainian refugee support programme

Support Cambs sit on a number of regional and national meetings (as well as some local ones) that are looking at responding to the potential influx of Ukrainian refugees under the government scheme.

At this stage there are more questions than answers but Govt at all levels are trying to address how things will work and how people can be supported and kept safe. The details of how the scheme will work locally are still being ironed out. There is potential to look at local support hubs to allow families and hosts to meet one another and to be a focus of support but this will depend on where people are settled. Voluntary groups will have an important role to play. Part of this role will be providing specialist services to support families, but also organisations will have a role in helping families engage in communities and have access to non specialist services. Families will potentially be arriving with very few possessions so given the first key takeaway below if you do have donations please keep them for potential local donation.

At this stage there are a couple of important takeaways.

  1. Do not donate goods, the Red Cross and others in Poland and other countries are overwhelmed and are having to divert resources to sort it out.
  2. As a general rule those leaving Ukraine do not have the UK as one of their preferred destinations. But a small percentage of the large numbers leaving the country is still more people than the UK takes in under usual circumstances.

Cyber-attack is an issue so please be aware as individuals and charities. There are lots more scams, there are also potentials for cyber attacks on those organisations known to be helping refugees. Please advise staff, volunteers and those you work with to be vigilant.

Use your Nectar points to do good

Use your Nectar points to help the people of Ukraine

Did you know that you can play your part in the global response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by donating your Nectar points (as well as donating money).

Both unicef and the DEC can turn your Nectar points into cash and into real help.

Simply follow this link and click one of the Donate Now buttons. you can then go to that funds pages and when you press donate you will be given the option of donating Nectar points. you will need your number and password from Nectar to link your account and you will then be able to donate.