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Governance Month 2023 Feedback

In November 2023, Support Cambridgeshire partners delivered a range of events that fall under the Governance theme, which was an adaption of the previous year’s events, which looked explicitly at trusteeship. All events were well received, and a write-up of ‘Reserves: what are they good for?’ by Ben Jowitt from CAF can be found HERE with slides and recordings.

Below, you can see the feedback received from those who attended.

An infographic showing the feedback from the Governance event for 2023

Trustee Week 2022 – Feedback and links

National Trustees’ Week happens at the start of every November. Support Cambridgeshire thought this year, that we would get involved by hosting our own events. The week was comprised of four different events that happened across three days.

The first looked at introducing more people into the volunteer role, with the second day looking to upskilling around insurance and DBS. Finally, we hosted a discussion looking at the role of the chair and the relationship with paid staff, ultimately, the CEO.

Not all events were recorded, but those which where, are available to watch on the Trustee Week 2022 page.

Below you can find some feedback and stats about the events.

Trustees Week November 2019

Between the 4th and the 8th November 2019 organisations across the country will be celebrating the people that are in charge of our charities, the Trustees.

Trustees play a pivotal role in local organisations across Cambridgeshire, make often difficult decisions and give their time freely, all of which contributes to the UK being the sixth most giving country in the world.

Trustees’ Week is an annual event to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference.

Support Cambridgeshire wants to play it’s part.

So if you want to recognise a Trustee from your organisation in that week please send us one side of A4 plus a JPEG photograph of the individual concerned and we will include them in our news items for that week. Tell us why they are such a great Trustee, how they help and why they do what they do.

Contributions should be with russell@huntsforum.org.uk by 5PM on the 1st November 2019.