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The Portal hits 190K

The Support Cambridgeshire self-funding portal has seen an increase in usage over the past 6 months, and with it organisations reporting funding success.

Since November 2018, 190K has been raised by local organisations who first started their funding search using Support Cambridgeshire 4 Communities (or SC4C).

The portal has over 2,400 funds to view, all of which are updated on a regular basis.

People and organisations can search for Free, and can use the portal an unlimited amount of times without being penalised.

So register today by clicking here:

If you wish to receive our monthly electronic and thematic funding alert, jam packed full of funding opportunities please contact ben@huntsforum.org.uk

If you have identified a fund but require some support in developing your application, or require assistance with supporting documents then we have Development Workers who can assist. If you operate in Cambridge City, South Cambridgeshire or Fenland contact alan@cambridgecvs.org.uk

If you operate in Huntingdonshire or East Cambridgeshire contact keith@huntsforum.org.uk


The Power of the Portal

Over the past 12 months, the Support Cambridgeshire Funding portal has been visited by over 300 new and registered organisations.

Over £57,000 has been achieved in funding by organisations using the portal as a first step in making an application.

The portal has over 2,400 funds available to browse or search every week.

Simply click here to register and start your search – who know’s where it will lead.

If you want to see the portal in action join us at our Funding Master Class on the 27th February in South Cambridgeshire.

Simply book your space by contacting russell@huntsforum.org.uk