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Staff Support Hub / Grants for wellbeing of staff and volunteers/ 30th Sept

The Staff Wellbeing Grants, for Social Care (e.g. domiciliary care and nursing home teams), third sector organisations involved in the provision of health or social care, and Primary Care Teams (that are registered with the Enhanced Occupational Health Pilot), are aimed to provide staff and volunteers with the opportunity to fund an initiative to show appreciation, improve staff morale and wellbeing. The grants must be used towards a wellbeing activity of choice.

There will be a maximum of £20,000 for each sector. That is £500 per applicant, but there are conditions!

Applicants should submit their application using the application form and should:

  1. Show what the proposed use of the grant will be.
  2. How it will improve the morale and wellbeing of the staff team.
  3. How many members of staff/volunteers will benefit from the grant.
  4. That staff support the application.

Please ask for detailed terms and conditions. The closing date for all applications is September. 

Detailed terms and conditions can be found here.

So far, they have been so well received and we are still receiving applications, but there is still room for more! The closing date is NOW 30TH SEPTEMBER 2022 (OR WHEN THE SECTOR POT IS FULLY ALLOCATED)!

The Support Staff Hub Latest Newsletter

The NHS Staff Support Hub is open to all Voluntary and community volunteers and workers who work on the front line. They have a number of services you can access free of charge and are welcome to attend any of their events.

Below you will  find their latest newsletter.


In this issue:

*Accident & Emergency. The Front Line   *Hospital Discharge Policy Legal Judgement   *New “Working Well” Team Just For You   *Brand New Counselling Service   *Mindfulness. Join an 8-Week Course   *OH Pilot: Rebranded to Primary Care OH and HR Service   *Pre-Retirement Courses   *Wellbeing Webinars. Focus on: Staff Support Forums   *Upcoming Events! Webinars & Support Forums   *About Us & Hub On A Page   *Don’t Miss Out! Previous Newsletters

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