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Household Support Fund

The Household Support Fund is a  fund that aims to help those individuals struggling to pay for food, energy or other essential items this winter.

You can access this support directly through the County Council, or there is a network of local organisations (our ‘Trusted Partners’) who can help you access the support.

This is money the council has been awarded by HM Government to help those in need and most affected by the cost of living crisis to support them to resolve their financial issues. It is not charity.


You may make an application if you have not received support from the Fund since 24 November 2022.

We do not accept multiple applications to the Fund after that date. Making repeat applications will only cause delay in getting support to others in need.

If you live with a spouse or partner, you must make a joint application for your household, even if your spouse/partner is not applying. Your eligibility will depend on your partner’s income and savings, as well as your own.

You are eligible to access this support through the Household Support Fund if all the following apply to you (and your spouse/partner):

  • currently live in Cambridgeshire
  • have £16,000 or less in money, savings and investments
  • have income levels less than identified in the tables below.

If you are paid monthly the figures are before any tax due, though you should include all sources of income. This includes income from sources such as benefits, pensions, students or dependents grants and income from property or other investments.

Check here for more information and to make a referral : https://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/residents/coronavirus/household-support-fund