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Funding Week 2023 Resources

Thank you to all those who attended any of the webinars throughout the three days. This year’s Funding Week has been a great success, and we look forward to repeating it next year.

You will find all the related information linked to the webinars on the 16th of March below. Those who attended the sessions on the 14th and 15th, Community Matters, will have emailed you the slides relating to those talks you attended.

Support Cambridgeshire would like to thank their partners Community Matters Yorkshire, who organised both national days (14th/15th) and those who supported them in delivering some really informative webinars. We would also like to thank those who participated in the first Cambridgeshire day (16th) as part of the event, and with a 99% voting to repeat the county day, we will start planning.


Thank you to those who filled out the polls. This has given us an idea of what worked and what we can tweak next time. Community Matters will be sending out a feedback form to those who attended the national days. However, if you wish to, as you here, you can also give feedback by clicking HERE.

Cambridgeshire Day Resources

Cambridge City Council 


Fenland District Council 

Clarion Futures 


Fenland District Council

Cambridgeshire Community Fund

Speaker: Viv Akinson (info@cambscf.org.uk)

One deadlines pa 1st August 2023:

Cambridge Community Foundation

East Cambridgeshire Council

National Lottery Community Fund

South Cambridgeshire District Council

The Evelyn Trust

Huntingdonshire District Council