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Giving World Free Essential Goods

Giving World, a charity that receives donations of goods from businesses and redistributes these essential items to local charities and voluntary organisations for the people who need them most, recently contacted us to say that they would be interested in hearing from organisations in our area.

Following the challenges of the past few years and the further impending increase to the cost of living, the need in our communities will continue to grow. Giving World can help you to meet that need by providing business surplus stock free of charge, such as clothing, food items, toiletries, cleaning and household products as well as other useful items.

Organisations interested in receiving goods from Giving World will need to register on their website. Goods are delivered at cost starting from £10. A full pallet of items costs £70 to deliver. Rates are calculated at time of order, but this is a ‘promise to pay’ amount and Giving World will endeavour to reduce delivery costs where possible.

Given the cost of delivery, it is possible for organisations to work together to share delivery. Contact Giving World directly if you would be interested in forming such a cluster. Each organisation involved will need to register on the charity’s website.

To access these goods when you need them, simply register your organisation here.

The website currently does not mention Community Interest Companies or Social Enterprises as able to join, but we have been assured that such organisations can register. You will be asked for documentation to verify your not-for-private-profit status.

Organisations cannot charge beneficiaries for items supplied by Giving World or use the items for fundraising.

For more information, see the Giving World website