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VCS Rep Report : ICS Quality, Performance and Finance Committee 24/2/23

Meeting attended: Quality, Performance and Finance Committee

VCS Representatives: Rachel Talbot

Date of meeting: 24/2/2023

Summary of agenda items / key themes discussed:

Board Assurance Framework (BAF)  – Every meeting

Finance update – expecting a breakeven from deficit at the start. This should result in higher allocation in the next round for both capital and service

Draft Forward and operational Plan – still being finalised by 30th March. Includes in the appendixCoordination of frailty pathways across the ICS with a focus on developing a longer-term integrated frailty model Delivery of a voluntary sector single point of access supported by a wide network of VCS organisations

System Prescribing Expenditure – Biggest spend in budgets alongside staff so a massive concern

Beds – length of stay longer than national

Workforce Wellbeing- covered all sorts of things inc recruitment etc but also the wellbeing of current staff. They only referred to staff mental health wellbeing. Staff may need much more than that: child care; care for other relatives; practical advice on money, housing, consumer etc

Unnecessary GP appointments – key area to target especially as most people find it difficult to get an appointment in the first place!

Patient Safety and Quality – “good” and above regional and national average. Covers a variety of areas but 2 interesting statements: They have no crisis solution in the community for their Learning Disability & Autism patients; the safeguarding team have been told that Children’s Services will have 2 day deep dive review of the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (assume that some vol sector organisations are part of this?)

Implications for the VCS

BAF refers to Impact of wider determinants of health (such as housing, employment, income, education, and the environment) influence our population’s health unequally, resulting in poorer health outcomes • Increasing cost of living and the disproportionate effect this will have on population groups.

I raised the data project Health Alliance is sponsoring a but also asked that they ensure to engage with Vol sector about “wider determinants”

Cost of prescribing – can vol sector be involved in helping the reduction in cost in some way?

Beds – they are looking at “pathways” and a more holistic look at what happens i.e. not just in hospital. Point made that contact needs to be made when admitted not just at the point of trying to get people out.


Workforce wellbeing – can Vol sector be involved?

Beds – Some Vol/charitable organisations are already engaged but do we need more info on what is available in the community that can inform better/quicker discharge?

Date, time and venue of next meeting and name of the representative who will be attending

24-3-23 – Rachel Talbot

VCS Rep Report : ICS Quality, Performance and Finance Committee 25/11/22

Meeting attended: Quality, Performance and Finance Committee

VCS Representatives: Rachel Talbot

Date of meeting: 25/11/2022

Summary of agenda items / key themes discussed:

Almost impossible to summarise 3 – 4-hour meeting with yet again 100s of pages of papers.

Seems that we are not doing to badly in our area compared with national in general but there is a problem with the support to children/people with mental health/learning disability. No surprise but the committee is taking the learning Disability Death review as a key issue to look at again. It seems that death rates are  high and partly to do with lack of understanding how to communicate – both to individuals and helping people with learning disabilities understand health issues – this was clearly demonstrated during Covid (I think HealthWatch are going to raise some sort of formal point about this. You can get more from Sandie)

Finance: Are underspent (now in “amber”) but mostly around not being able to recruit new staff although they have 8% more staff than last year. (I could not understand what was being said about them having rules to get authorisation for anything over £50k. Not sure if it holds things up. Seems a very small number for buying health things!)

Other issues (too many to put here – but in summary):

Diagnostics and unplanned care “deep dive” report – still seem to be delays beyond target (partly the impact of knock on of covid). Sandie asking for better comms to people/public to explain what the cause of the delays are

Health and well being for asylum seekers trying to get GP access (mostly P’boro)

Working together – Interface between Health and care sector – V short report (the rest of the reports were all very detailed and long!). Dr Katherine Rowe reported that they had had some stake holder meetings.

Occupancy rates at hospital V high and C Diff rates bad because they cannot get the cleaning staff

Implications for the VCS

Think that Healthwatch will be asking for help with feedback/case studies on experiences of people with mental health issues and primary care.


Need to think about the fact that Sandie Smith is leaving. Will her successor take over? She makes a big contribution.

I am not sure what I can add except listening and get depressed about the state of the system. It is a massive learning curve and V difficult understanding the lingo.

Date, time and venue of next meeting and name of the representative who will be attending

27-1-23 – Rachel Talbot