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Plunkett UK/ Support for community assets/ Closes March 2025

What is available: Free packages of business support covering everything from financial planning to governance, plus feasibility grants of up to £5,000 and capital grants of up to £45,000.

District: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s market towns and rural hinterlands.

Application opens: March 2024

Applications close: March 2025

Who is the funding for :Community groups across the region to take ownership and operation of local pubs and assets that are vacant or at risk of closure, revitalising assets whilst protecting and providing key local amenities that will benefit the community.

How to Apply: If you would like to apply please phone: 01993 630 022 or email: info@plunkett.co.uk


Plunkett UK

Plunkett UK has received funding from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority to support communities in the area’s market towns and rural hinterlands to save assets which are at risk of closure or which have already closed, or to bring new services to their locale.

Plunkett supports people in rural areas to set up and run a wide range of businesses which are genuinely owned by local communities, whereby members have equal and democratic control. They represent community businesses throughout the UK, from shops and pubs through to woodlands, farms and fisheries.

Funding from the Combined Authority has enabled Plunkett to offer community groups exploring community business as a way to address their communities’ needs, free packages of business support covering everything from financial planning to governance, plus feasibility grants of up to £5,000 and capital grants of up to £45,000.

Business support and grants will be available until March 2025 and can be accessed by contacting Plunkett on 01993 630 022 or emailing info@plunkett.co.uk.

More information can be found here: www.plunkett.co.uk/cambridgeshire-and-peterborough-combined-authority-area-partner-with-plunkett-to-help-communities-save-community-assets-in-their-area/



CPCA/ Adult Learners/ Deadline Extended 8 March 2024

Grants available:  £5k to £30K

District: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Application closes:  DEADLINE EXTENSION – 8 March 2024

Who is the funding for local voluntary and community groups



Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority is offering funds to enrich the lifelong learning and skills offer for adults who are aged 19+ and residents of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

This six-month pilot programme offers grants between £5,000 and £30,000 to increase and broaden participation in adult learning and skills development, particularly to reduce inequalities in access to adult education. Project participants must be residents of Cambridgeshire (this includes Peterborough).

Fund criteria

The fund will prioritise projects supporting disadvantaged residents in the most deprived wards across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, and those who are furthest away from learning or employment, including:

  • People living in rural areas who have additional barriers e.g., mental health, learning difficulties and disabilities, low essential skills*, travel, connectivity, isolation etc.
  • Potential learners that have been missed by ‘traditional’ providers, including economically inactive residents
  • Learners who need support to progress to higher levels of skills to access specific local job opportunities

*Essential Skills are literacy, numeracy, ESOL, Essential Digital Skills and work-readiness.

In addition to the above, funds can be used to support adults with no or low formal qualifications to access their entitlement to learning.


Projects should aim to achieve some or all of the following outcomes for participants:

  • Improved engagement in learning and increased confidence
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Improved community connection, civic engagement and volunteering
  • Attainment of formal qualifications, progression to higher levels of learning, or in-work progression
  • Development of Essential Skills (literacy, numeracy, digital, work readiness)
  • Achievement of ‘first step’ qualifications (as appropriate)

Projects may also demonstrate how they can build capacity and capability within the third sector to deliver adult learning and skills.

Who can apply:

  • Non-profit organisations

Please note: There is a one month application window. The deadline for submission of applications is 1 March 2024. Projects must be ready to start in June 2024 and finish by 30 November 2024. There will then be a short timeframe for submission of reporting (three weeks).

Harry Cureton Fund

The fund supports healthcare in Peterborough and the area covered by Peterborough and Stamford hospitals. It supports both individuals requiring medical equipment and organisations who carry out healthcare activities.

The Harry Cureton Fund exists due to the generosity of the late Harry Cureton, who for many years lived at Eye, near Peterborough and donated a large lottery win to help local people.

Applications for both capital and revenue costs for healthcare activities are invited covering:

  • Preservation and promotion of good health and education about health issues;
  • Provision of palliative care in relation to terminal or chronic conditions;
  • Research into the causes, treatment and care for of all forms of illness (which can be undertaken anywhere in the UK);
  • Relief and treatment of all forms of physical and mental illness and rehabilitation from such illness

Applications for capital or revenue costs for healthcare activities relating to the delivery of Directed Enhanced Services (DES) will not be considered.

Applications are currently being encouraged from local charitable or community organisations that are supporting the health and wellbeing of all refugees and asylum seekers in the Peterborough area.

Criteria for grant applications:

Applications are invited by medical professionals on behalf of individuals in need, or by organisations.

Details and how to apply.

Deadline: 1 August