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Masonic Charitable Foundation/Children Young and Older People/Rolling

Grants available:  Small (£1k to£5k) Large (£10k to £60k)

District: England and Wales

Application closes: Rolling

Who is the funding for: 



The MCF is dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children and young people, as well as vulnerable older people, in England and Wales. Their Charity Grants programme is open to registered charities in England and Wales working with any of our four main priority groups:

People With Dementia and Their Carers

The MCF are particularly interested in targeted interventions such as carers support and social groups, Maintenance Cognitive Simulation Therapy, or other interventions working to achieve outcomes such as the following:

  • Improved ability of carers to meet the needs of people with dementia (i.e. resources, knowledge, skills)
  • Reducing loneliness, and isolation and creating social connection
  • Improvements to physical health and cognitive function
  • Better access to support services
  • Increased independence and influence over their own lives and treatment

Children Affected By Domestic Abuse

The MCF is interested in funding projects that work with vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families towards the following outcomes:

  • Learning coping strategies and tools to effectively handle challenges
  • Increased self-esteem, resilience, confidence, and feelings of safety and wellbeing
  • Families experience positive behavioural changes
  • Children will have better relationships with their family and peers
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety and isolation
  • Improved engagement with education and other related support services

Early Years

The MCF is interested in funding projects that work with vulnerable and disadvantaged children whose interventions:

  • increase the likelihood of children achieving developmental milestones;
  • support children to make successful transitions to primary school;
  • improve children’s physical health through access to healthcare, nutrition, check-ups, immunisations etc.;
  • give families a better understanding of their child’s needs and improve confidence in parenting/caring so they are better able to meet the child’s needs;
  • increase families’ positive engagement in services enabling targeted support to address specific issues e.g. domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse, and neglect.

Children With Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

They want to hear from charities who are working with children with SEND, and examples of services and interventions may include: practical/life skills; supportive education, volunteering and work opportunities; assistive technology etc.

We are looking for charities whose support for children with SEND will:

  • Increase their social inclusion;
  • Increase their independence and connections to their local community;
  • Improve their access to early intervention services and therapies, for diagnosed, suspected conditions and pre-diagnosis;
  • Ensure their parents/carers are better able to cope in their caring role and meet their child’s needs;
  • Enable their parents/carers to be better informed of their child’s options and rights, and the services available to them.
Who can apply:

Grants are only made to charities/projects whose beneficiaries are in England and Wales

Charities must be registered with the Charity Commission or relevant Central registry of the respective Guernsey, Jersey or Isle of Man government

Charities must have at least one year of independently examined or audited accounts published on the Charity Commission website for the registered charity number they are applying from


Masonic Charitable Foundation – Children & Young People Grant – Re-Opens for applications

Grants available: Small Grants (£25,000 – £500,000) Large Grants (£500,000 – £5 Million) – Depending on income 

Applications close: Rolling basis

Who is the funding for: This programme is open to national and local charities helping disadvantaged children and young people overcome their challenges.

Link: https://mcf.org.uk/get-support/grants-to-charities/children-and-young-people/


  • Applicants can only apply for one grant programme at any time
  • For small grants, at least 75% of the charity’s beneficiaries must be disadvantaged children and young people
  • For large grants, all of the beneficiaries of the project must be disadvantaged children and young people and their families/guardians.
Small grant
  • These grants are for smaller charities whose annual income is between £25,000 and £500,000
  • Small grants are unrestricted and, for example can be used towards general running and/or overhead costs of the charity
  • Small grants range between £1,000 – £5,000 per year, for up to three years
  • The total amount of the grant requested must not exceed 20% of the total income of the charity
Large grant
  • These grants are for larger charities whose annual income is between £500,000 and £5m
  • Large grants are restricted for projects and, for example, includes salary costs, activities, materials etc.
  • Large grants usually range from £10,000 to £60,000 in total. This can be spread over one to three years.
Age Range

Our grants support disadvantaged and vulnerable children aged 0-18 and up to the age of 25 years for disabled young people.

They also include projects/charities providing family support that will benefit the child/young person

Key Areas of Focus

Grants can be offered to charities/projects that provide:

  • Mental and physical health support
  • Learning and development, including language and communication skills, social and emotional etc.
  • Support for the whole family
  • Pastoral and advocacy support