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Childwick Trust/Healthcare/opens 1st Oct

Grants available: usually around £15,000

District: South East

Applications open: 1st October

Who is the funding for: 

The Trust has a strong emphasis on helping charities which offer care and support for people who are terminally ill, or have a serious illness, the elderly, adults and children who have mental health issues, learning or physical disabilities. We offer funding towards specialist equipment, respite care, holidays, education and core costs.

Additionally they will support horseracing, Jewish and South African charities.


Link: About – The Childwick Trust


They are happy to consider funding from organisations who provide care and support for ex-servicemen and women who have been injured or traumatised from past and recent conflicts. Mr. Joel himself served in the First World War with the 15th Hussars.

Medical research projects form a small part of what they fund.

The will consider funding towards some building and refurbishment costs but only once the appeal has reached at least half of the total budget.

N.B. Approximately half the Trust’s grants are distributed under this Object. Typically grants range from £5,000 – £20,000.

Am I eligible?
They will NOT fund the following:
  • Animal charities unless they are connected to Thoroughbred Racehorses
  • Charities offering legal advice
  • Charities outside the UK (except for South Africa)
  • Charities which are part of a nationwide network, only those who are based within the South/South East can apply
  • Complementary health & therapy projects
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • HIV/Aids related projects
  • Homeless charities
  • Individuals or organisations applying on behalf of an individual (other than in relation to South African educational grants)
  • National Appeals
  • NHS Hospitals and other statutory bodies
  • Projects related to drugs or alcohol addiction
  • Students seeking sponsorship for educational or gap year projects
  • Universities – academic research, scholarships and bursaries