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Young People’s Programme/ The Allen Lane Foundation / Apply anytime

Funding to Support Disadvantaged Young People (UK – excl. Greater London)

What is available?

Grants of up to £15,000 are available to UK charities and not-for-profit organisations working with young people aged 12-21 who are socially excluded or marginalised, and who are experiencing or may have experienced significant issues within their lives.

The Allen Lane Foundation Young People’s Programme is keen to support young people who are facing difficult challenges and barriers to accessing support and opportunities.

A particular focus is given to supporting:

• children who are considered persistently absent from school

• those leaving school with no qualifications

• children and young people in/leaving care


The average grant is around £5,000 to £6,000.

The funding could be used, for example, for:

• pro-active youth clubs

• activities for disaffected young people

• employment opportunities

• to provide experience which help young people to find structure


Who can apply?

Organisations that work across a local area, such as a village, estate, or town, must have an annual income of less than £100,000 to be eligible. Organisations that work across the entire UK must have an annual income of less than £250,000 to be eligible.

The Foundation does not fund work within Greater London.


When do the applications close:

Trustees meet to discuss grant applications three times a year, generally in February, June and October.

Applications can be made at any time.


How to Apply:

For more information and to apply please visit: Young People’s Programme – The Allen Lane Foundation

Community Growing Grant / South Cambridgeshire District Council/ Closes 31 March 2025

What is the aim of this funding?

As part of the cost of living support programme, South Cambridgeshire District Council have set up a Grant Scheme to help start Community Growing Projects across South Cambridgeshire. The funding is able to be spent on any capital costs associated with setting up a Community Growing Project, such as raised beds, gardening equipment, soil, and seeds.

Perhaps there is an unused piece of land in your area that could be transformed with the installation of a raised bed, or you volunteer at a Community Orchard that has space to install a raised bed to grow fresh vegetables. You may be part of an existing group or form a group specifically to create and maintain a Community Growing Project. As long as you fit the eligibility criteria and your project will benefit your community, you can apply for up to £500 from this grant to start it.

Who can apply?

An applicant might be:

District: South Cambridgeshire

Applications close: The Community Growing Grant will run until 31 March 2025 or until funds are exhausted.

How to Apply: For more information and to apply please visit: Community Growing Grant – South Cambs District Council (scambs.gov.uk)

I.T. Grants / Net Solutions Wales/ Closes 30 June

What is available?

Net Solutions Wales can assist with I.T Grants of £10,000 for Community / Charity Groups ICT Development.

Term: Spend within one year.

Covering:  Grant Aid to UK Voluntary groups to assist with IT.  This can be Capital Expenditure, Training and Website Development.

Support: The Grants are for I.T up to £10,000. Full Support.


Who can apply?

Status: Voluntary Group with Constitution.

Type: Registered Charity or Voluntary Organisation.

Employees: Under 200.

Size: Small – See above.

Location: United Kingdom.

Other: One Application per year.


Applications close: 30 June 2024.


How to Apply: For more information and to apply please visit: NET Solutions Wales: web design, e-commerce, web hosting: Charities and community grants

B&Q Foundation Grants / Closes 17 May

The B&Q Foundation Grants programme is provided by B&Q Foundation and managed by Neighbourly.

Neighbourly is a ‘multi-award winning giving platform used by thousands of local Good Causes across the UK and Ireland to seek help from businesses in the form of funding, volunteer time and surplus products’.

Objectives of Fund

The funding is intended for registered charities working with people in need (by reason of financial hardship, sickness, disability, other disadvantage or distress) in the UK and who need funding for the following:

  • Projects that provide, maintain, repair or improve housing or community space.
  • Supporting people experiencing poor housing or homelessness.

Value Notes

There are two levels of grants:

  • Up to £5,000 for garden projects
  • Up to £10,000 for building or indoor projects.

The B&Q Foundation will consider awarding higher value grants.

Who Can Apply

UK registered charities based and working in the UK can apply.

The following organisations can apply:

  • Foodbank
  • Community centre
  • Religious organisation
  • Disability charity/ service
  • Homelessness charity
  • Community volunteer group
  • Community shop/ pantry
  • Family centre/ charity
  • Mental health charity/ service
  • Community fridge
  • Children’s/ youth charity
  • Health charity
  • Elderly care charity/ group
  • Poverty relief
  • Community cafe
  • Social/supported accommodation.
  • Soup kitchen
  • Community garden
  • Preschool/ nursery
  • Hospice
  • Primary school
  • Environmental charity/ group
  • Youth group/ club
  • Redistribution and logistics
  • Nursing/ care home
  • Emergency/ rescue service
  • Day care centre
  • Sports club/ group
  • Community/ city farm
  • Conservation charity/ group
  • Veterans charity
  • Domestic abuse charity
  • Secondary school
  • Neighbourhood group
  • Park group
  • Recycling/ reuse charity
  • Performing arts group
  • Advice service
  • Refugee/ asylum charity
  • Hospital
  • Animal rescue/ care
  • Charity shop
  • Recreation and social group
  • Human rights organisation
  • LGBTQ+ charity
  • Community transport
  • College
  • Racial equality charity
  • Wildlife charity/group
  • Heritage trust
  • Campaigning organisation

Location: UK

Applications close: 17 May 2024

How to Apply: For more information and to apply please visit: https://bqfoundation.org.uk/apply-for-a-grant/

Zero Carbon Communities Grant Scheme

The South Cambridgeshire District Council grant scheme allows communities in South Cambridgeshire to take action on climate change at a very local level. South Cambs. communities of all sizes and levels of experience are encouraged to apply for these grants and bid for a share of the funding.

Applications are welcome for two themes:

  1. Reducing carbon emissions or locking up carbon
  2. Community engagement on climate change.

The deadline for applications is 5pm Wednesday 1 June. Details and how to apply.

A webinar is being held to provide information on applying to the grant between 7pm and 8pm on Tuesday 26 April. You can sign up here.