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Funding Month 2024 – reflections of a successful event

This year, we hosted our second annual Funding Month, organised by Support Cambridgeshire and partners. Throughout the month, we held various online webinars open to groups across Cambridgeshire. Just like last year, we collaborated with several other CVSs across the UK to bring in national funders who shared about available funding opportunities. Additionally, we organised local events over two days, which were well attended.

In addition to events where funders discussed funding opportunities, we conducted two sold-out workshops on writing practical funding applications. While sign-ups for events started slow, there was an increased interest closer to the event dates. In total, 213 individuals from Cambridgeshire signed up for 21 events. Feedback from attendees of both national and local funder talks was positive, with most agreeing that they gained valuable insights for their organisations. Attendees of local events also noted an increase in their knowledge about funders.

Lastly, the feedback for our “Tips for Successful Grants” webinars was overwhelmingly positive, with 41% finding them extremely useful, 54% very useful, and the remaining 4% somewhat useful, accompanied by plenty of positive comments.

At Support Cambridgeshire, we strive to offer engaging events. If you want to provide feedback on our events, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We aim to make our events as useful as possible for groups across the county.

Unlocking Opportunities: Support Cambridgeshire’s Second Annual Countywide Funding Event

Support Cambridgeshire is leading in the second annual fundraising event, yet this time, rather than fitting it in one week, we have listened to feedback and spread it this year across four. Open to all Cambridgeshire organisations, regardless of your structure and where you sit within the county. All events are free to attend and were made possible through a collaborative effort with our valued partners: Community Matters Yorkshire, CVS Bedfordshire, Humber and Wold Rural Action, and W3RT.

Empowering the Local Voluntary and Community Sectors

Support Cambridgeshire stands firm in its commitment to supporting the local voluntary and community sectors. The cornerstone of this commitment is these annual events, designed to provide invaluable information and advice across various funding levels. This month-long agenda of events is fundamental to our overarching mission of aiding groups in identifying potential funders and elevating their success in securing vital funding.

Embark on the Funding Journey: A Workshop to Ignite Success

Launching this month-long celebration is an engaging workshop, ‘Tips for Making a Successful Grant Application,’ delivered by CCVS on 7th March from 12:00 to 13:30. Open and accessible to all groups within Cambridgeshire, this session serves as a key starting point for those attending funding webinars or contemplating funding applications. Spaces are limited, so grab the opportunity and secure your spot here.

Dive into a Wealth of Insights: Webinars Unveiling Funding Opportunities

Spanning four days throughout the month, our webinars welcome any organisation within Cambridgeshire to explore the rich tapestry of funding possibilities. Immerse yourself in discussions led by funders eager to share their opportunities and address your queries. The webinars feature a curated mix of local and national speakers, each contributing to different themed days organised by Support Cambridgeshire and its partners. Attendees have the flexibility to tailor their experience, seamlessly dipping in and out of speakers as they navigate this insightful journey.

To explore the comprehensive agenda and reserve your spot for this transformative event, visit the website.