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Consultation now open for proposed reservoir in the Fens

Anglian Water in partnership with Cambridge Water are proposing a new reservoir in the Fens to help meet the growing demands on water supply in the East of England.
The new reservoir is at the heart of a whole new water supply project. Together with the associated water infrastructure they need to transfer water to the reservoir, treat the water, and supply it to homes and businesses, which will secure a reliable water supply for generations to come.

They are contacting you because they are interested in receiving feedback from those whose voices are often seldom heard in the infrastructure decision-making process. They would like to hear your views about our proposed reservoir in the Fens and its associated water infrastructure, both during their current consultation (which closes on 9 August) and as the project continues to evolve in the coming months.  

They are also interested in knowing how best to engage with the community. They have provided multiple channels for engagement (described below), but they would also like this to be the start of a more direct conversation with the community about their proposals. They’d appreciate any ideas and suggestions you have for us to better reach the communities your organisation works with and represents. They would like to speak to you if you have the time so that we can better understand the community and how best to engage with them. If you can do this, please let them know when you are available, and they will set up a call.

Ways to find out about our proposals, including which areas they affect: 

– Website, www.fensreservoir.co.uk
– In-person public events (a table of when these are taking place is attached)
– Contacting us at info@fensreservoir.co.uk
– Calling our freephone number 0800 915 2492 (please note this is a voicemail service and we will call you back).

Ways to provide feedback:

 – Filling in the feedback form on our website, www.fensreservoir.co.uk 
 – Filling in a hard copy version of our feedback form and sending it to our Freepost address, Freepost Fens Reservoir.