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Aviva Community Fund / Environment & Nature Crowdfunder / until allocated

Grants available: £500 to kick-start your project. And, to boost your fundraising, £2 for every £1 you raise, to help your project reach its target quicker.*

Applications close: From 30 March 2023 until £1 million of funding has been allocated

Who is the funding for: here to help community groups across the UK to protect and restore nature in their local area.

Link: Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund 


To apply for the Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund, your project needs to be focused on taking action for nature in one of the following three ways:

1. Nature restoration – activity that boosts local biodiversity, by protecting or restoring habitats, creating space for nature, connecting green spaces and/or addressing activities that directly impact biodiversity.

2. Nature connectedness and pro-environmental behaviours – action that supports greater connection to nature and promotes pro-environmental behaviours at the community level that will benefit nature.

3. Community cohesion and connection – nature positive activity that encourages collaboration in the local community, by connecting people of diverse backgrounds, generations, and abilities to nature and one another.

With £500 available to get started, and up to £15,000 in match funding per project, it’s a great chance to make a real change.

*Projects that are accepted to the Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund will receive 2:1 match funding from Aviva. From 30 March 2023 until £1 million of funding has been allocated, pledges will be matched at a rate of £2 to every £1 donated. 2:1 match funding will apply to pledges of up to £250. The maximum value of 2:1 match funding a project can receive is £15,000.

How to apply: 

Applications are open now until the funding runs out. When applying, you’ll see the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions – please read these carefully.

The Big Green Match Fund/Environmental issues/Closes Friday 17th Feb

Match funding available: All donations to participating charities are doubled.

Deadline to apply: Applications to be in 17th Feb

Who is the funding for?  Charities that are working on environmental issues as part of their core mission. (By “core mission”, we mean that the environment is mentioned in the organisation’s charitable objects). This may include: biodiversity & conservation; climate change; agriculture & food; sustainable communities; energy; transport; trade & finance; consumption & waste; toxics & pollution. Charities may be working in the UK or overseas.

About: Big Give, run match funding campaigns for charities and special causes. The Green Match Fund is designed specifically for charities working on environmental issues. This is an opportunity to make an extraordinary difference to some of the biggest challenges facing our planet today.

Stage 1: Initial application

Big Give markets the opportunity to charities. The application involves completing the information for the project charities are seeking to raise funds for.

Stage 2: Vetting and Notification
Big Give completes due diligence checks on all applications and passes them on to interested Champions who will have the opportunity to assign additional funding to the campaign.  The total amount of Champion funding allocated to a charity makes up their match funding pot for the campaign.

Stage 3: Marketing
Big Give provides a free suite of resources to help support Champions and charities to maximise the opportunity and market the campaign.

Stage 4: Campaign
All donations to participating charities are doubled. The Champion funds are used to match online donations. Any donations raised over the overall target count as extra, unmatched, unrestricted donations to a charity’s campaign.

Stage 5: Post-Campaign
Learning and impact assessments are sent out, along with Champion reports and charity reporting requirements.

Full details here.

Rewilding Britain / Rewilding Projects / Deadline 28th April

Grants available: Up to £15,000

Applications close: 28th April

Who is the funding for: To foster new and ambitious rewilding projects, or scale-up pre-existing projects, across Britain.

Link: https://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/the-rewilding-network/rewilding-innovation-fund


Rewilding Britain is offering grants of up to £15,000 to help foster new and ambitious rewilding projects, or scale-up pre-existing projects, across Britain. The Rewilding Innovation Fund will support rewilding projects on land and at sea, at a scale of more than 40 hectares, that adhere to Rewilding Britain’s rewilding principles.

Funding is for works that could potentially unlock further funding or move a project in scale, such as:

  • A carbon capture project.
  • A seagrass restoration study.
  • A tree seeding experiment.
  • Developing a new rewilding strategy.

Funding can cover costs such as:

  • Direct interventions, or any expertise that a project requires.
  • Business plans and strategies.
  • Community engagement activities or co-design.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Technological innovations.

Priority will be given to applicants who are taking an innovative approach to land and marine rewilding and can help develop learning and evidence for others within the Rewilding Network.

There is a two-stage application process, and applicants must first become a member of the Rewilding Network before submitting a full application.