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Volunteer Month 2024 – Are you attending?

June is the month to give back; this year it’s bigger and better than ever!  

National Volunteers’ Week is turning 40, and the Big Help Out, announced during the King’s Coronation in 2023, is back to promote volunteering to new audiences. Volunteers’ Week is for you to thank and show your gratitude to your volunteers, so if you’re looking to run a thank you campaign, remember to include all the CVSs plus Support Cambridgeshire (@SupportCambs) AND Volunteer Cambs (@Volunteer Cambs). We want to share your shout-outs!

Plus, in our community, we’re gearing up for our annual Connecting Communities conference this June. But hold onto your hats because there’s more! With the local launch of Volunteer Cambs, we saw a golden opportunity to rebrand the Connecting Communities conference. Introducing Volunteer Month – four weeks packed with national and local events and campaigns to rally support for our incredible volunteer-involving groups. 

This year, our theme is ‘Aspects of Recruitment‘, and we’re diving into the heart of volunteering. We’re shining a spotlight on the exciting new wave of young people eager to make a difference in our community. And that’s not all—we also want to hear your feedback on how we can enhance our volunteer support offerings through Volunteer Cambs. Finally, we will have an exciting workshop on legal obligations related to volunteer involvement. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join us for a month of inspiration, connection, and real impact. Let’s make June the month we come together and showcase the power of our community through volunteering.  

For more information and to read the biographies of the speakers then, check out the main website : www.supportcambridgeshire.org.uk/volunteer-month-2024


Event Highlights: 

Where are your next generation of volunteers? 

June 13th  I  10:00 – 11:30 am I Online 

In a time where national volunteer numbers are dwindling, there’s a rising tide of younger people eager to make a difference. This session addresses the barriers faced by young volunteers and provides practical insights to make volunteering more appealing to them. Expect discussions, real-life examples, and a Q&A session with industry experts. 

Learn more here 


Legal issue when managing volunteers’ workshop 

June 19th I  12-2 pm I  Online 

This workshop offers a concise overview of legal obligations when managing volunteers, catering to anyone involved in volunteer management or trusteeship. Topics covered include volunteer agreements, equality laws, safeguarding, and where to seek further guidance. 

 Learn more here


Volunteer Cambs: The story so far and planning for the future 

June 25th I 10:00- 11:30 am I Online 

Join the Volunteer Cambs team as they reflect on the platform’s success and gather feedback for future enhancements. Discover the exciting plans, discuss, and gain insights from similar platforms nationwide. This interactive session aims to shape the future of volunteer engagement in Cambridgeshire. 

 Learn more here


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in Volunteer Month and contribute to a brighter, more connected future. 

Feedback from the Connecting Communities Conference 2022

In June 2022, the Connecting Communities Conference took place, an annual volunteering event which aims to upskill and broaden the conversation around volunteering and volunteer management. This year it took place over three days, with one day hosting two face-to-face workshops in Huntingdon and March. The other two event formats were similar, with speakers being brought in to discuss their topic, followed by questions. Tuesday’s event focused on the Vision for Volunteering, a national concept developed by a collective of national bodies. Then on Thursday, we welcomed a speaker from Bates and Wells. They talked about Volunteering and the Law.

All events were well received, with polls at the end of Tuesday’s event showing that out of the twenty-seven who completed the poll, 81% were either satisfied or very satisfied. With the poll launched on Thursday, 100% stated they had enjoyed the event and learnt something new in that session.

Following the events, a general feedback form was sent out to all who attended one or more events. Thank you to all those who attended and completed the feedback form. Below you can see an infographic of some of the feedback received.

Moving to 2023, it is clear that a format which includes face-to-face and online presentations is required. Some highlighted more time to network, and one person wanted us to include success stories of organisations. Others stated they wanted more of the same or to ensure we continued to bring in speakers with specialities. All feedback will be taken into consideration for the next event.

If you have any topics, you would like us to cover next , please do get in contact with us via info@supportcambridgeshire.org.uk


Connecting Communities 2022

Our annual free Connecting Communities Conference is here. It’s a time to bring a range of good practices and thoughts together to talk about volunteering across the county.
This year’s theme is ‘Moving Forward’ and looks at new strategies, ways of using marketing to recruit and the legal side of volunteer management. All conference events are free to access for all Cambridgeshire groups, thanks to the funding received from Cambridgeshire County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council.



Vision for Volunteering

Tuesday 14th June // 10:00 – 11:30 am // Zoom

This event is about the England strategy ‘Vision for Volunteering’, which several partner national volunteer infrastructure bodies have co-written. It is intended to influence national policy on volunteering for the next 10 years. An accompanying website will be launched on 6th May. Gethyn Williams from Sport England will be discussing how this national strategy affects community charities and groups in Cambridgeshire—followed by questions from the floor.



Attracting Supporters and Followers

Wednesday 15th June // Face to Face

 Fenland: March Community Centre, 34 Station Rd, March PE15 8LE

10:00 am – 1:00 pm – including networking light lunch

Huntingdon: The Maple Centre, Oak Dr, Huntingdon PE29 7HN

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm – including a networking light lunch


On Wednesday, we will be running two training sessions in person in two separate places across the county. Attracting Supporters and Followers will be delivered by Christine from CCVS and Kathryn from Hunts Forums. It brings good practice with practical skills, helping organisations identify and recruit the right people for their organisation.

To book the Fenland workshop CLICK HERE

To book the Huntingdon workshop CLICK HERE


Volunteering and the Law

Thursday 16th June // 10:00- 11:30 pm // Zoom

Finally, we end the conference on Thursday with a speaker from Bates Wells LLP, presenting on the legal aspects of volunteer recruitment and retainment. The talk will cover key issues, including avoiding contracts, equality law and how to deal with perks and expenses.

This presentation will be followed by a VCSE Q&A session.

All questions must be submitted before the event, and we cannot guarantee they will be answered. Questions must be general as we are unable to supply legal advice.




The three-day event aims to bring ideas, thoughts and even more good practice to Cambridgeshire, giving those working with volunteers the confidence to face the challenges following the pandemic. We are excited for you to join us.