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Connecting Communities Feedback 2023


If you wish to have this as a PDF please CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE , you will also find more information about these events including the slides HERE. Connecting Communities is a Support Cambridgeshire event, for any questions relating to this please email info@huntsforum.org.uk






Connecting Communities 2023 – Round up and slides

In a flash June is over, along with Volunteers Week, Small Charities Week and Connecting Communities 2023 conference.

Connecting Communities, the annual conference around volunteer management took place between the 20th and 22nd of June 2023. With speakers from national charities such as Scouting, small local groups and then a selection of experts in the field, there was much discussion and talk about how volunteer management must change in the coming years.

One thing reflected throughout all three days was that recruiting volunteers is getting more complicated; this was shown in stories told by those attending and in lots of the data. In the final session, it was highlighted that this is not just a UK issue. However, this doesn’t help those on the frontline in developing services for our communities.

The other key areas of discussion in all three talks were; diversifying your pool of volunteers through different marketing techniques, people, not roles – promote your group, not your roles, and finally, that change needs to come from the top. Trustees and senior leaders must understand that change needs to happen in how we recruit volunteers and where we put our volunteers, and encourage further strategies to reflect that.

The events received positive feedback from all that attended. More information on this will follow. Below are the slides from the speakers for reference, and if you couldn’t attend and have some feedback on what you would like to see next year, please do get in contact info@supportcambridgeshire.org.uk

Slides from the events

Day One – Two sides of the same story: How we motivate and why volunteers return 
Alan Bennett, Scouts  : HERE
Ramsey Neighbourhood Trust: HERE
Day Two – Putting Theory into Practice: Exploring reflective volunteer involvement 
Jurgen Grotz: HERE
Day Three – All around the globe: What we can learn from volunteer engagement across the globe   
Rob Jackson & Martin Cowley: HERE

Connecting Communities 2023 Volunteer Conference – Tickets available

The Support Cambridgeshire Connecting Communities conference is back for 2023 from the 20th to the 22nd of June.  This year’s theme is Motivate and Engage, reflecting on how we motivate our volunteers and use techniques to engage those new and involved already.

We are excited to welcome The Scouts, speakers from local community groups and volunteer experts, including Dr Jurgan Grotz, Rob Jackson and Martin Cowling. We are thrilled to have speakers who bring you the theory and practical examples.

The event will take place over three days, with three different online events each day startingat 10:00 am. The events will not be recorded, but slides and materials will be available on the Support Cambridgeshire website following the events.

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Want more?  Following this week, Support Cambridgeshire partners CCVS will be offering Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers workshop, which will be run online on 6th of July. The workshop is free to attend to any Cambridgeshire organisation and we welcome trustees and To read more about the training, CLICK HERE.