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Care Together CCC/ Seed Funding Grant/ Closes 26 April

What is available:

Cambridgeshire County Council/ Care Together grants to kickstart new initiatives or support expansion of existing activities proven to be effective, into new areas, enabling older adults to interact with one another through organised groups and social/themed activities in their community.

Below are the maximum amounts available for each district. You can bid for the full amount or smaller amounts, but any request for the full amount will be judged on its ability to deliver greater impact than all smaller bids put together

Cambridge City – £40,000

East Cambridgeshire – £50,000

Fenland – £60,000

Huntingdonshire – £60,000

South Cambridgeshire – £40,000

District: Cambridgeshire 

Application opens: March 2024

Applications close: April 26 2024

How to Apply: For more information and to download an application form please visit: Grant funding offer – Cambridgeshire County Council