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The Cambridgeshire Timebanking Partnership has launched a crowdfunder to raise funds to fight loneliness. They want to raise £3,000 in order to reach more people in their communities in need of companionship, social interaction and support.

The Sad Facts

Loneliness can affect anyone at any stage of their life whether you have moved to a new area, are a new mum or are a pensioner who has outlived their friends. Loneliness is a quiet devastation. It is a key issue which impacts people’s health and wellbeing. More than 29,000 people over 65 live alone in Cambridgeshire but it’s not only the elderly who are affected by this silent disease.

What We’re Fundraising For

Timebanks want to reach more people in their communities in need of companionship and social interaction like Julia:

‘Julia moved to the area to be near her husband who is in a residential home. When she first moved she felt very lonely as she did not know anyone in the village. However, since joining the Timebank she has met many people and has developed a network of friends and support’.

Your funding will have a positive impact on the lives of many other Cambridgeshire residents like Julia by helping the Timebanks run the following activities:

  • Cook and Share sessions
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Community Walks
  • Skill Sharing
  • Events and Festivals

We know that everyone has something to offer – skills and wisdom to pass on to their community, whatever their age.  An hour at a coffee morning, a weekly walk with a fellow Timebank member or helping with DIY can help break the silence of a day.

Ways You Can Support

Be part of the Timebanking family and help fight loneliness by pledging today! Or maybe you would like to run a fundraiser, Cambridgehire Timebanking have come up with a five ideas to spark the imagination, but you may have another idea to support the fundraiser! ( document five ways you can help raise funds attached)

Cambridgeshire Timeabanking are also reaching out Cambridgeshire businesses who share their beliefs and would love their support through:

  • donations to the crowd-funder
  • promoting the campaign within Cambridgeshire businesses, and
  • taking part in work-place events to raise money to fight loneliness and social exclusion.

How are you going to help end loneliness in Cambridgeshire?   Contact:

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