Steel Bones

Steel Bones works to connect the amputee community by sending out support packs to all new amputees, promoting stump health news, healthy lifestyles and the provision of flexible career opportunities. It also arranges networking and fundraising events, and lobbies statutory agencies on behalf of amputees and their families.

The group has grown out of the lived experience of its founder members.

Eight years ago Leigh Joy-Staines lost his leg as a result of an operation.

In the aftermath of this life-changing event Leigh and his wife Emma felt isolated and struggled against a general lack of understanding among the general public and statutory agencies about what amputation means for an individual and a family. As a result of their experiences they decided to form Steel Bones.

Steel Bones contacted Cambridge CVS (one part of the Support Cambridgeshire Partnership) because they wanted to become a registered charity, seek funding and put in place policies and procedures to help them develop and support more beneficiaries.

Steel Bones met with a development worker to discuss registering as a charity. A full review of what Steel Bones wanted to achieve was undertaken, together with a consideration of what charitable structure would best suit their long term needs and aspirations. Options reviewed and discussed, Steel Bones decided to become a Charitable Incorporated Company (CIO) and have since registered with the Charity Commission.

Steel Bones have also been able to access support in the development of sound and robust policies and procedures, underpinned by valuable training on Safeguarding, Financial Management and How to write the best possible funding application, a vital advice giving session in today’s Charitable climate.

Steel Bones state:

The CCVS training sessions I have attended have been phenomenal and what I find fantastic is they bring their own considerable charity experience to the training. Plus, CCVS have been a great brainstorming resource and have been brilliant at giving us a fresh perspective. I know I can email the team anytime with questions and they come back to me quickly with superb advice giving our committee the assurance we need to push forward in the best way possible.

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