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The State of the Sector Survey

Support Cambridgeshire will be issuing the annual State of the Sector survey in the next three weeks. We are urging all community based organisations to reply with their thoughts and comments.

The survey will be embedded within the next Support Cambridgeshire newsletter, and will be circulated among a variety of extended networks in order to receive more replies than ever before.

The survey is critical as it provides relevant and timely information about the state of the voluntary and community sector across Cambridgeshire, and its used to work with statutory and business partners on issues of training, governance, funding and strategic development.

It is a highly powerful tool for engaging with partners and stakeholders across the public and private sectors. It enables the process of voice, influence and representation.

The more organisations that take the time to complete the survey, the better picture we will have on issues, challenges, success stories and best practice.

Previous surveys have informed us that:

  • training programmes have to be geared to the needs and requirements of the sector, with an understanding that the sector is changing rapidly.
  • information and advice needs to be circulated through a variety of different routes into the community, both on and off-line.
  • giving seldom heard communities a voice is critical for the process of social action and community cohesion, and
  • working in partnership is vital to the success of a community presence within Cambridgeshire.

If you are a community based organisation or group and work within Cambridgeshire, and have never completed the survey before then why not subscribe to our newsletter and receive the link.

Alternatively, you can contact Support Cambridgeshire for an electronic copy.

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