Staff support hub launches new service

Did you know your physical and mental health can be mutually connected?


Good mental health can positively affect your physical health. In return, poor mental health can negatively affect your physical health.


With growing evidence around the relationship between physical and mental health and its impact on wellbeing at work, we are pleased to share that we are introducing a new Physiotherapy Service in Staff Support Hub. Jasmine, our new physiotherapist, is excited to introduce new exercise sessions, educational webinars and resources to guide you in achieving an active lifestyle, and lots more!


Here is what you can expect in the next month..


  • Do you have a long-term condition- a Focus Group to ascertain your needs.
    If you have a long-term health condition or persistent pain please join this open discussion. You may be interested to hear from others or you may have requests around how you can be better supported at work- I would love to hear.


Click on the below dates to register and for more information:

Dates: 5th January 11:00 or 9th January 14:00

  • Sat at your desk? Take a movement break in this follow-along session.
    Do you spend time sat at a desk? This is an exercise/movement session for you to join in with, from your desk to help you get started with being more active in your working day- a great New Years Resolution! This is suitable for all abilities.


Click on the below dates to register and for more information:

Dates: January 25th 11:00 or January 30th 14:00


Not sure if your organisation can access this support? Check out our Staff Support Hub page, which explains which 3rd sector organisations can access the Hub’s services. HERE


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