CEO Network — Terms of reference

Our vision

A society where all communities feel connected, and individuals can make a difference to the causes that they believe in.

Our mission

To strengthen and champion social action through an effective, sustainable local voluntary and community sector helping them to make the biggest difference they can.

Our values

  • Collaborative: facilitating positive change in society by working together.
  • Creative: exploring new ideas and approaches, looking for what will add real value.
  • Inclusive: valuing diversity and providing mutual support and encouraging one another.
  • Influential: harnessing people’s skills and building their confidence to shape and inform policy and practice.
  • Integrity: open and honest and doing what we believe is best for our members, volunteers, and the voluntary sector as a whole.

Our Purpose – To encourage, guide, support, and develop voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector organisations. To help individuals to have a real influence over the places and communities in which they live.

We believe:

  • Every individual and community has unique skills, talents, knowledge, and insights that are important.
  • Our collective skills, knowledge, and lived experience uniquely equip us to do the work we do.

Our overall aims:

  • Support communities, charities, and volunteers across Cambridgeshire by ensuring equitable access to the best support and advice possible.
  • Ensure that the role of charities and volunteers across Cambridgeshire is recognised, and their contribution is valued, acknowledged, and supported.
  • Support the local voluntary and community sector to have a strong voice and effective influence on all decision-makers in our area.
  • Help people take positive action to identify and meet the needs of their communities, addressing disparity and ensuring equity of provision enhancing their lives in doing

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