A Maple Centre make-over

The Maple Centre, home of Hunts Forum, is shortly due to receive more than your average 60 minute make-over.

The current open foyer space, which used to house a community cafe, is being transformed into a bespoke new training space, bordered by an office housing 4 desk-spaces.

The work should begin in the next 4-5 weeks, and should be completed by late May 2017.

Julie Farrow, CEO of Hunts Forum and lead partner CEO of Support Cambridgeshire says:

“We have seen a marked increase in demand for good training space over the past 12 months. The new training room is a direct reaction to meet a need, and is something which hopefully will be well utilised by community organisations from Huntingdonshire and beyond. Likewise, there is a real premium on office space, and providing a serviced office within a true community hub was too good an opportunity to miss.”

For information on training room charges and projected occupancy for the remainder of 2017, contact Hunts Forum directly.

If you would like to view the proposed office space, contact Julie in the first instance.

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