Cambridgeshire Local Lottery will not go ahead

In a report to Cambridgeshire County Council Members of the Commercial and Investment Committee in November 2019, it was agreed that while there may be some financial benefit for charities of creating a County Council sponsored lottery, this could be outweighed by the possibility of losing support through direct contributions.

The Council had undertaken considerable engagement with the voluntary sector and good causes in Cambridgeshire and while some were enthusiastic, others had concerns that a new lottery might actually reduce funding for them – at least in the short term – as the overall pool of people who donate to good causes wasn’t likely to increase without a considerable amount of additional effort.

The Council has, therefore, thanked all those charities and good causes who gave their time and expertise in helping to consider the concept of the Lottery idea over the past year, and has refocused its efforts on developing and supporting other commercial initiatives.

It has also reminded them about grants of between £2k – £50k, available from the Council through its Innovate and Cultivate Fund.

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