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District: Huntingdonshire


Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC)  are looking to work with partners to develop sustainable activity that willprevent, or delay, frailty or cardiovascular health issues for Huntingdonshire residents.

This programme aims to PREVENT these conditions by getting the inactive, active.

Any proposals must address one or more of the following using the principle of Do – Enable – Influence, in
line with the 2023-28 HDC Corporate Plan:

-Physical Activity – Frailty

– Physical Activity – Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

HDC  want to hear your ideas first before you apply. 

Before contacting us please consider:
-What are you proposing to do?
-Where are you proposing to hold your activity?
-When will you be ready to start and for how long, including sustainability?
-How are you going to measure the impact of your activity?
-Who is your activity targeted at and how will you identify and connect with them?

Link:Keeping Healthier and Stronger for Longer –


Who can apply?

Organisations that can satisfy the minimum requirements as per Keeping Healthier and Stronger for Longer – information sheet.


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