Health Equity grant/ Legal & General / Apply in summer 2024

Legal & General’s new £3million ‘Health Equity’ grant Fund, alongside the UCL Institute of Health Equity (IHE).

What is available?

The Fund aims to support community-based initiatives across the UK which are addressing the social determinants of health.

The Fund has potential to support up to 150 projects tackling non-medical social and economic factors which have an influence on local and national public health, such as housing, education, infrastructure, or quality of work.

  • The Legal & General ‘Health Equity’ Fund is a £3 million fund offering grants of up to £75,000 to place based projects that address the social determinants of health.
  • The fund will initially launch with a trailblazer £1mn available to projects based in the North East of England ahead of a UK-wide launch in the summer of 2024.
  • Example projects that the Fund may support could range from funding for inner-city schools in areas of deprivation to community programmes which address the social determinants behind pressures on A&E services, or partnerships raising awareness of the contribution the natural environment makes to health and wellbeing.


Who can apply?

  • To apply you must login or register to be a member of the This is a free membership and it will provide you with further information and updates.
  • Once you have signed up and logged in, you will be able to find information about the Fund on the new Legal & General Health Equity Fund page, which is available via the menu bar.
  • Interested parties with projects in the North East of England can submit expressions of interest from 04 June 2024 ahead of the launch of the official application process. The UK-wide launch will open in the summer of 2024.


How to Apply:

To find out more about the fund and the process for applying, read the full announcement here: Legal & General and UCL Institute of Health Equity launch new fund to support up to 150 communities across the UK | Legal & General (

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