Health Alliance Group Update November 2022

The Health Alliance group met on the 9th of November in Peterborough to update the members on the continual progress being made by the ICS and VCSE sector in working together to deliver the goals as set out in the VCSE Strategy.

The meeting was chaired again by Julie Farrow, CEO of Hunts Forum and was held at 100a Central Avenue in Peterborough. It was good to see some new faces attending the meeting from across the voluntary sector.


Julie opened the meeting by introducing Jane Coulson and Katerina Lagoudaki from the Integrated Care Board (ICB), who came and spoke about the ‘Let’s Talk’ survey the ICB is currently conducting.  This survey has been developed to show insight and receive feedback from the public and voluntary sectors on key health and care issues affecting the community.  It has now been running for five weeks and is due to close this week.  The survey has received over 2200 responses so far.

The findings from this survey will add insight to the Joint Health & Wellbeing Integrated Care Strategy and help the ICS set objectives which will be included in their Operational Plan due March 2023.

The Operational Plan will focus on building the infrastructure to deliver ‘person-centred care’ within our local communities. It will lay out the following four key priorities for the ICS, which will focus on;

  • Children – ensuring children are ready to enter and exit education
  • Environment – for people to remain as healthy as possible, including outdoor spaces and access to services
  • Poverty – reducing poverty, lack of housing & debt control
  • Mental Health – finding early intervention solutions

During the meeting, Julie received approval to sign off the Terms of Reference (ToR). This document reiterates the ambition of the Health Alliance group, stipulating the membership rules and aims and goals the group wishes to achieve.

Click here to open the Terms of Reference (ToR)

We have now completed the list of Voluntary Sector Representatives who represent the VCSE sector on many of the ICS Health boards and Committees, including the contact names of the Chair & Vice Chairs (where known).

Click here to open the VCSE Representation List.

The meeting concluded with Julie highlighting two areas of work the Group is currently working on – specifically ‘Health Inequalities’ and ‘Securing Funding’.

More action was agreed upon to investigate how much funding is currently coming into the VCSE sector, where the gaps were and if any external funding opportunities were available.  Healthwatch and CAB agreed to look at what data was already held in the voluntary sector and report back to the Group.

Action points still ongoing                                                   

  1. All members agreed to forward ‘content’ that can be uploaded and shared via a regular newsletter to all members detailing key activities, events, and feedback from attending the various health boards.
  2. A few members expressed concern over their commissioning contracts, particularly the delays in renewing their contracts, with many charities forced to operate ‘as a going concern.  Julie offered to send a letter signed by CEOs expressing their collective concerns direct to the CPICS.
  3. Create a ‘slide deck’ for Reps to use at ICS Boards and Committees to support them when they represent the VCSE sector at meetings

Any other business

Due to the extra bank holiday in May, it was proposed and agreed that we would not hold a meeting during this hectic month.

The 9th  December meeting will be held online. If you would like an invite, please email

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