Growth delivery team

Growth delivery team ready to volunteer

The Greater South East Growth Delivery Team for the Department for Communities and Local Government are ready to volunteer for any community based organisation across Cambridgeshire that needs some support. As Rachel Edwards explains:

“We are a team of around 20 civil servants based across Cambridge and London who deliver ERDF funding to projects across the Greater South East area and are keen to volunteer our enthusiasm and layman’s skills to help out voluntary organisations who would like work doing but can ill-afford to pay for professional services. Recently, around 10 of us volunteered to paint the tea room at Denny Farmland Museum and do some light gardening work.  The day was a great team building exercise for us and our efforts were greatly appreciated by the staff at the museum.

We are now on the lookout for another opportunity for some team volunteering. We can’t pretend to be professionals but our approach more than makes up for where our practical skills may not be the content of letters home.  If you have parks or gardens to weed, rooms to paint or clear of junk, animals to feed (at the zoo!) or other such activities that a large group of people can make short work of, we’d be glad to hear from you and offer our services. We want to be helpful: we know that volunteering takes effort on both sides and so we wouldn’t want any organisation to go to the effort of ‘finding us things to do’ if those tasks, once completed, wouldn’t be of much help or assistance to you.

Our calendars show that a date towards the end of June or early July would be the next best time to put our joint skills to the test.  So, please do contact me, Rachel Edwards, if you think we can help you and you have an opportunity that would suit an enthusiastic bunch of competent amateurs”.

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