Governance Month – Reserves Talk

As part of Governance Month, Support Cambridgeshire invited Ben Jowitt from CAF to come and speak about the role of reserves and the UK Giving Report in two separate events.

In ‘Reserves: what are they good for?’ Ben talks through the different ways to look at your organisation’s finances, how to deal with them and things to keep in mind depending on the issues your organisation encounters.

Below, you can watch the session’s recording. The video and slides will be available here. They will also be found through the ‘On Demand’ webpage in the new year so that groups can return to Ben’s advice at any point.

Should you wish to access the slides, PLEASE CLICK HERE


The second event, a general discussion, started with Ben talking through the UK Giving Survey, a CAF document which looks at how the public gives to the third sector. It highlighted the trends in how the public gives, why they give and who they continue to give to.



Outcomes from the events:

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