Governance Month 2023 – November will see a range of exciting free events

In the non-profit sector, “governance” encompasses leadership, policy formulation, and strategic vision. This umbrella concept applies to individuals who guide organisations, whether known as trustees, management committees, or directors. Despite the varying titles, their primary duty remains the same.

The way an organisation operates serves as its structural framework. While establishing reasonable procedures, policies, and strategic vision may seem meticulous and time-intensive, it plays a crucial role in aligning everyone involved. Achieving this alignment requires a shared understanding of each individual’s purpose within the organisation and how they contribute to its mission.

Support Cambridgeshire is here to assist you on this journey with our upcoming free events in November. Governance Month is a series of events designed to address these fundamental questions and bridge knowledge gaps.

This month, we are thrilled to feature an engaging event led by Rachel Hales from Get Synergised. She will explore how building relationships with the corporate sector can lead to enduring benefits for your non-profit.

Additionally, Ben Jowitt from Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) will provide insights on managing reserves, including when to utilise or bolster them. This knowledge is invaluable, especially for individuals without a financial background serving on boards. He follows this talk with an ‘Audience with’ event where you can ask questions and discuss the recent CAF UK Giving Report.

Lastly, we’re offering two workshops that delve into the roles and responsibilities of charity trustees. These sessions are open to anyone interested in the topic, whether you’re a current trustee, aspiring to become one, or simply seeking to expand your knowledge. Being a trustee carries legal responsibilities, adding a new layer of accountability. We’ll conduct an in-person interactive workshop led by Hunts Forum on the 30th and two online lunchtime workshops facilitated by CCVS on the 16th and 23rd.

In conjunction with these events, Support Cambridgeshire will actively support and promote the incredible resources and activities of National Trustees’ Week, where several organisations will be running events covering all aspects of Trusteeship.

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