The future of measurement and evaluation

New Philanthropy Capital state that good measurement and evaluation is key to increasing the effectiveness of the social sector.

Without it, the sector as a whole has little idea about the impact it is having.

The sector is rudderless, relying on anecdote and instinct.

With Measurement, Evaluation and an assessment of Impact (however small) the sector can make good strategic decisions to  deliver for its various missions and causes.

And, they note, this is especially important today given reduced funding and growing social need.

Having developed initially in the public sector, measurement and evaluation is now growing in importance within the voluntary sector.

But for many, the words measurement and evaluation spell despair and are met with a deep sigh.

Complicated, jargon-filled, top down, box-ticking, funder-demanded, taking ages and very expensive are just some of the concerns and objections people have.

And yet times are changing: Measurement and Evaluation Tools are  becoming easier to use. Take Inspiring Impacts Measuring Up!, an important first step in understanding your organisations Impact practice. Take the challenge here:

Support Cambridgeshire will be running a number of Impact workshops in 2018. To register your interest in attending contact Support Cambridgeshire.

These workshops will cover:

  • A definition of terms and jargon – lets simplify the process.
  • An examination of different types of Impact Model.
  • Whats our recommendation – which one could you use to demonstrate the importance of your organisation to potential funders.
  • Where are the barriers and opportunities.

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