Our members have told us that they want a space to network and build relationships with others from the sector and also with businesses and statutory providers; “that leads to mutual support, knowledge sharing and partnerships.”

As a partnership organisation, Support Cambridgeshire is actively harnessing the power of the “hive mind.”


Christine Shaw, the Community Liaison Coordinator with John Lewis & Partners, kicked off the first Fundraisers Network of 2024. Christine shared information and insight into the John Lewis Foundation grant funding opportunities.

Robyn, from Red2Green, reached out to Christine shortly after the meeting who was able to, on this occasion, respond with a commitment to arrange a small grant to cover the costs of broken equipment.

Robyn has benefitted from the power of the Networks before; at a previous meeting, she connected with a local funder and successfully applied for funding for a project to support individuals with accessible gym inductions at their local community gym.

Our Network agendas are open to our members, and Karen, from Red Balloon Education Trust, recently requested an agenda item asking for support with legacies and gifts in Wills. Emma from Steel Bones was able to provide this support by sharing her experiences.

Insider knowledge is also shared at our Network meetings. For example, Georgina from Cornerstone informed everyone at the recent meeting about a little-known fund that could benefit healthcare charities and groups, accessing the recycled metal scheme fund run by crematoriums.

Networks also share resources, for example, top tips and planning techniques from our 3C’s Communications Network were shared with our Fundraisers Network.


The real Superpower of our Networks is you!

“Meeting fellow fundraisers. Knowing that everyone is in the same boat, and forging networks outside of the network as well, has been so helpful.”


Click here for more information about the Fundraisers Network.

Hope to see you at the next meeting!


Article written by Development Officer, Jigna Vyas Gosal.