Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers

Date: 13 October 2022
Time: 09:30 - 12:00
Location: Online
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This workshop will consider how to apply marketing principles to recruiting volunteers and then reflect on what we need to know and put in place to retain volunteers

Who is it for?

Less experienced volunteer managers will gain the information and confidence they to develop or start implementing volunteer policies.

More experienced volunteer managers will get the chance to review their current systems and practices and explore best practice. 

What is it about?

You will get to explore what organisations need to have in place to recruit, support, retain and

manage their volunteers.  You’ll also be given a detailed resource pack.

What will I learn?

• understanding your market

• developing an appealing recruitment message

• getting your message noticed

• ways we engage people

• what motivates people

• what builds loyalty and commitment

What to expect:

A mixture of presentation and discussion  

To Book

This training is free to members of CCVS and Hunts Forum. There is a cost of £40 for non members. To join CCVS check out this link

By registering for this course you agree to abide by the CCVS cancellation policy.

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