Gov Month: An Audience With Ben Jowitt

Date: 21 November 2023
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Maple Centre, Huntingdon, PE29 7HN
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About Governance Month 2023
In Governance Month this year, Support Cambridgeshire is dedicated to championing effective not-for-profit management. Throughout this month-long initiative, we host events and workshops that emphasise the significance of Trusteeship, policy development, and strategic vision within non-profit organisations. Additionally, we’re excited to highlight outstanding events conducted by other specialised organisations in these areas. It’s a collaborative effort to empower and uplift the non-profit sector! All events are free to attend.

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About this event

In-person discussion, question and answers at Maple Centre, Huntingdon. Those attending this event are welcome to watch the talk at Maple Centre.

What will be covered?
Discussions will be centred around trends and the outcome from the UK Giving survey, along with discussions around the previous talk, and anything else you want to talk through.

Who is this for?
-Those on committees, management groups or trustee boards
-Those thinking of sitting on a committee/board.
-Those interested in the subject matter.

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