Cambridge Volunteer Blend

10 July 2024
 10:30 - 11:30

Come along to our online volunteering coffee mornings to hear about how you can make a difference volunteering with local charities.

We often invite voluntary sector groups to come along and talk informally to people interested in volunteering.

We meet every month 10.30 to 11.30 online.

Ellie looks forward to welcoming you!

Please book a place here: VOLUNTEER BLEND: virtual coffee morning to talk about volunteering Tickets, Wed 10 Jul 2024 at 10:30 | Eventbrite

The GET networking meeting

26 September 2024
 10:00 - 12:00

The GET networking meeting will take place on line, via Microsoft Teams, on Thursday 26th September from 10am – 12 noon.

GET, an acronym for Guidance, Employment and Training was formed in 1989, with a mission to provide an ‘umbrella’ Infrastructure Group for the adult skills not-for-profit sector of Cambridgeshire.

Over the years membership has grown significantly, becoming more fluid and diverse. It includes voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VCSE), statutory bodies, private sector providers and individuals.

Who is this network for?

The group is free and open to anyone with an interest in learning and skills across the county, whether staff, volunteer or Trustee.

Aims of the network

The meetings include short presentations from external presenters sharing relevant news, information and updates that support the work our members do with the community to facilitate and support the access of information, advice and guidance around skills, learning, education and training. Mark Freeman CEO of CCVS (Cambridge Council Voluntary Services) chairs the meetings.

All those attending will have a chance to share contact details, information and updates on the work they are doing via Google forms. The information submitted in the forms are shared with the network members via a pdf document which is sent to members via email.

How to book

Email Jigna: for the Teams link.

To join the mailing list for this network and attend future meetings please email

Please note that by booking this event you agree to abide by the  CCVS cancellation policy


Voluntary Sector Network – Showcase Event

11 July 2024
 09:00 - 16:00

Our last showcase event was hugely popular so we have decided to showcase some more organisations. Age UK, Voluntary Sector Alliance, Cornerstone, Head to Toe, YMCA Trinity, DISH, The Peterborough United Foundation, Sue Ryder, The Kite Trust, Cambs Deaf Association, and Hunts Shopmobility will be showcasing their organisation throughout the day. Join us for one or more of the sessions

How to run effectively your social media

10 September 2024
 10:00 - 13:00
 The Maple Centre

Date: Tuesday 10th September 2024

Time: 10am to 1pm Venue: In person Maple Centre

Why will this training be useful to me?

This training will equip you with practical strategies to enhance your organisation’s social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter/X. We’ll look into each platform, dedicating time to discuss top tips for increasing engagement and making your organisation more visible. You’ll learn how to craft and use your message effectively to reach your target audience, ensuring your efforts on social media lead to visible results. By the end of the session, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to leverage these platforms to connect with a wider audience and achieve your goals.

What outcomes can you expect to achieve if you attend this session?

By attending this session, you will gain knowledge on how to plan and engage effectively on social media platforms. You’ll build confidence in using these platforms and acquire practical skills, such as creating events, using hashtags, and tagging followers. You’ll leave the session with a clear understanding of how to enhance your social media presence and achieve good results.

Who should attend this training

This training is ideal for anyone responsible for managing social media accounts in their organisation, including social media managers, marketing professionals, and communications officers. It’s also beneficial for volunteers and staff members looking to enhance their technical skills and understanding of social media basics. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this session will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge.

About the trainer

Costanza Drago, the Digital Communications Officer at Hunts Forum, has a background in marketing and social media. She graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA Honours in History and has worked as a marketing executive and account executive, focusing on digital communication. Originally from Chile, Costanza has enhanced her marketing skills through various roles in both the public and private sectors.

Please follow the link to book onto the training. If you have any queries please contact

Please note training materials, including slides and handouts, are ONLY made available to those who attend the sessions.

Income Diversification For Voluntary Organisations

11 September 2024
 11:00 - 12:30

Date: Weds 11th September 2024

Time: 11 am-12:30 pm

Venue: Online

Why will this training be useful to me?

We all know that ‘diversifying income’ is a good thing to do. Struggling to cover costs, on short-term funding cycles means you can’t plan well or are acutely aware of the risk of losing your main funder.

But it is difficult to know where to start, what the options are, or how to find the time to do it.

What outcomes can you expect to achieve if you attend this session

- The reality of charity business models – their challenges and opportunities

- The foundations you need to be able to bring in new income streams

- How to work out what diversification looks like for your charity

- Managing expectations

Who should attend this training

Our aim is to support organisations on their journey to sustainable income. As part of the Impact Consortium project in Cambridgeshire, we are offering this free online training for organisations based and/or operating in Cambridgeshire.

Trustees, paid staff, fundraisers and volunteers who are interested in growing income for their organisation and want to find a starting point should attend this. About the trainer Ali Lyons is an experienced charity income consultant. She has worked as a sole fundraiser, part of larger Business Development teams, and in Leadership roles for a number of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire charities. As a consultant and trainer she is passionate about helping more charities realise their value, and take the important first steps in creating more financial resilience.

Please follow the link to book the training. If you have any queries please contact

Please note training materials, including slides and handouts, are ONLY made available to those who attend the sessions.

Let’s Talk about Trading – Income for Charities

3 July 2024
 12:00 - 13:30

Is generating income from trading goods or services something you’ve thought about? Perhaps it’s something your organisation is already developing? To be financially sustainability many of us are having to think about how we will diversify our incomes. If this all sounds familiar, then this event is for you. We will look the basic legal issues affecting trading with a charity lawyer from Bates Wells solicitors and we will ask a panel of local charities about their approach to trading, how it links to their mission and where trading sits in their plans for their funding strategies.

Who is it for?

For any charitable group registered or unregistered with an interest in finding out more about the pros and cons of trading income and ensuring they operate within the law.

What will you learn?

  • The basic legal considerations relating to charities trading
  • How other charities are approaching trading and diversifying their financial strategies.

What to expect ?

This online lunch time event will have a presentation from Livia Velicu Associate at Bates Wells (charity lawyers) about the basic legal considerations for charities considering trading. With the opportunity to ask questions.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with 3 local charities on the realities of trading and its role in their funding mix and plans for financial sustainability plus Q&A. We are really pleased to have the following join us for our panel:


How to book?

This training is free to any voluntary sector group in Cambs

Please note that by registering for this session you agree to abide by the Support Cambridgeshire Cancellation Policy

Please book here: Let's Talk about Trading Income for Charities Tickets | Eventbrite

Engage! (autumn/winter 2024) – A Gathering of Folk Interested in Community Engagement

9 September 2024
 10:00 - 15:00
 Meadows Community Centre, 299 Arbury Road, Cambridge CB4 2JL 

Engage! (autumn/winter 2024) - A Gathering of Folk Interested in Community Engagement.

This event is hosted by both CCVS and Cambridge City Council.

We are taking expressions of interest for this event so please sign up to hear more. The final event is still under development and we are keen to hear from people with ideas to contribute.

Who is this aimed at?

  • People planning community events between September 2024 and February 2025 in Cambridge.
  • Groups looking for support with volunteers and engagement good practice.
  • Organisations working on reaching different communities, engaging new audiences with the aim of increasing accessibility and visibility of their services.
  • Health colleagues and City Council staff who want to work more closely with the Voluntary and Community sectors
  • Those looking for other local organisations to collaborate and partner with
  • Folk interested in learning about and sharing participation, engagement, and partnership good practice.
  • People who need to work more efficiently to make best use of their resources through collaborating

If you have ideas to contribute around how the event might work or queries at this stage please contact Suzanne Goff.

Suzanne Goff

Preventative Health Programme Officer

T: 07743 189748

Please register your interest here: Engage! (Autumn/Winter 2024) Tickets, Mon 9 Sep 2024 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

Strategy Making Workshop For Voluntary Sector Organisations

24 September 2024
 09:30 - 15:30
 The Maple Centre

Why will this training be useful to me?

“Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan and putting it into action.” - Ellie Pidot, VP of Medtronic

Having a plan in place makes such a difference.

Everyone knows where you are going, what their role is in getting it, and what else you need to make it happen.

And if things need to change, you’ve got a common understanding of what you are changing from.

It helps improve well-being, motivation and engagement of your team, and manage risks. And most importantly have a better impact against your purpose.

There are three points when being clear on what your strategy is can be most critical:

1. When things are going well. Because to sustain that means planning. If you’ve had a multi-year grant, or partnership, having a clear plan for how that contributes to the longer-term sustainability of the organisation is essential.

2. When things are about to change or have changed. A change in funding, a change in Leadership. Having clarity to support people through the process will make the change more successful.

3. When things aren’t going well. Funding is more difficult, demand is increasing, staff are feeling the burden, and things feel difficult.

But strategy is often the job that is just out of reach. Not quite clear who is responsible. And pushed down the agenda for the more urgent day-to-day matters.

Having strategy will provide clarity on responsibility, and improve the ability to respond to the pressures.

What outcomes can you expect from this training

· Increase your confidence in being strategic, and making strategy a part of the everyday

· Have a toolkit for more effective strategic planning

· Identify the first steps you can take towards developing and implementing a strategy in your organisation

Who should attend this training

Leaders, trustees, CEOs and staff who are interested in determining where their organisation is heading and want to influence the process in their organisation.

About the trainer

This session will be run by Ali Lyons, an experienced charity leader, fundraiser, and small charity consultant who is determined to help more charities have a better approach to achieving their value.

Please follow the link to book the training. If you have any queries please contact

Please note training materials, including slides and handouts, are ONLY made available to those who attend the sessions.

Writing funding applications – a practical workshop

14 August 2024
 10:00 - 15:00
 The Maple Centre

Why will this training be useful to me?

This will be a step-by-step workshop taking a practical approach to writing good-quality funding applications.

Attendees will be encouraged to work on a real-life application they intend to submit or want to review during the class.

What outcomes can you expect to achieve if you attend this session

· How to frame a project and use a theory of change template

· How to answer funders’ questions

· Tips for adapting writing style

· Tips for demonstrating innovation

· Tips on reviewing supporting documentation such as accounts, budgets and policies

Who should attend this training

Anyone working, volunteering or governing voluntary sector organisations, operating in Cambridgeshire, who would like to develop their grant application writing skills.

About the trainer

The workshop will be led by Hunts Forum, Senior Development Worker, Kathy Shaw who has over 20 years of experience in applying for funding in the statutory and charitable sector.

Please follow the link to book the training. If you have any queries please contact

Please note training materials, including slides and handouts, are ONLY made available to those who attend the sessions.

Kings Award of Voluntary Service Information Session

15 July 2024
About Event

This informal workshop aims to widen the understanding and support applications for the King's Award for Voluntary Service (KAVS), which is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK.

The award was created in 2002 to celebrate the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's II Coronation. It is the MBE for volunteer groups and is awarded for life. Within Cambridgeshire, there are only a handful of winners, and we feel there are more worthy groups that should be nominated.

The award is presented to outstanding groups of volunteers whose initiative and impact are truly exceptional. Each group is assessed on its benefit to the local community and its standing within that community.

Who should attend this event?

Anyone. This workshop is open to those working in a group thinking about approaching a possible nominator or a member of the public thinking about nominating a local group.

Or even those just wanting to learn more about the award and process.

What the event will cover

• General information about the award and who can be nominated

• The process and some handy hints

• What the organisation will need to do if nominated

• Why groups failed in the past

• Questions and support

Please note:

We suggest you ensure the group you represent can apply for the award BEFORE attending. You can do this HERE

Support Cambridgeshire does not influence this award and only can provide the information from the KAV team.

This event will not be recorded.

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