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Crowdfunder for Charities/Cost of Living Crisis campaign/rolling deadline

The cost of living is effecting every charity… it’s time to start fighting back.

We are all being faced with the same question:

“How do I encourage a population that is facing tough financial times to donate to my charity?”

Crowdfunder says:

As part of our Cost of Living Crisis campaign we’ve got over £10m in +Extra funding from our partners to donate to projects started by charities to help tackle the current crisis. Aviva’s community fund is even offering up to £50,000 to individual causes, think of it as an extra big pledge to your project or charity.

Our charity profiles are the gateway to opening your charities potential to raise more. Register or login and you will be able to…

  1. Gain more donations: By setting up a Crowdfunder charity profile, you can gain further donations from our Cost of Living and #DonateTheRebate campaigns.
  2. Access +Extra Funding: Once you’ve set up a profile, you can start your own project and look to access +Extra funding from one of our partners. Our partners are looking to back projects that are specifically targeting ideas to support those effected by the Cost of Living Crisis.
  3. Allow easy fundraisers on your behalf: With a charity profile your supporters can raise money that comes directly to your bank, with no need for them to collect the money raised and they don’t need bank details to get going.
  4. Collect Nectar points: We’re working with Nectar and can boast they we are the only platform that converts Nectar points into cash for your charity. There’s millions of unused Nectar points that could be converted to help your cause.
  5. Big donations from businesses: If you have a big business willing to make a sizeable donation to your cause, then hold up before you bank that cheque. By working with us we can use that donation to encourage more people to donate to your charity, knowing that their donation will be doubled up to the amount provided by the business. It’s a great way to encourage more donations.

Employee giving: We can work with your business partners to enable them to allow their staff to donate to your charity as they matchfund any donations made.

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