Community Organising

Community organising has been around for many years, but is slowly regaining momentum amongst communities across the UK.

If you want to know what Community Organising is, take a look at our simple Factsheet.

Support Cambridgeshire is working with Community Organising Limited, the membership body for Community Organisers across England, and the home of the National Community Organising Academy.

Support Cambridgeshire is looking to run a taster day on the subject in January 2018, venue and location yet to be agreed.

The day will be packed full of facts about Community Organising, how it works and what the benefits could be.

If anybody is interested in joining us in principle, please let Russell Rolph know at

Russell will then keep you informed of an exact date, location and venue.

The day is likely to follow a sample agenda.

  • To start to understand the community organising process.
  • To understand the importance of listening to build relationships.
  • To begin to explore power and power dynamics in communities.
  • To appreciate how to motivate people to take action.
  • To plan your next steps and actions in community organising.
Introductions and an Exploration of Community Organising

learning about the process

what community organising is and isn’t

The Power of Listening – why and how we do it

what do we mean by listening?

how does listen inspire action?


Building Power through People

types of power in communities

how to build and use collective power

Taking Action – the Community Organising Way

what sort of action does community organising lead to?

how does action happen and what is it for?

Reflections – Your Next Steps in Community Organising

your learning today and what you will do with it




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