Civil Society Consultation – Have your Say

The Government is currently consulting on its new Civil Society Strategy.

What is Civil Society?

We all probably have a understanding of what it is or might be, but the Governments current definition is:

Civil society is part of our day to day life. It has a long history of improving and enriching lives – ranging from working with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, to helping environmental protection or access to the arts and culture. Civil society engages with people that government often cannot reach. We know that we continue to face problems in our society – problems government cannot solve alone. But we are optimistic about the opportunity to build on strong foundations and a shared mission with civil society to shape our country for the better and find creative new ways to respond to these challenges.

Civil society has changed significantly in recent years, with growing numbers of profit making businesses set up primarily to do good, adding to the efforts of traditional not-for-profit charities, community groups and youth organisations. At the same time, businesses are increasingly looking to do more to make a positive contribution to society. The boundaries between sectors are blurring. New actors and social movements are emerging. The potential for cross sector partnerships, collaborations and collective problem solving has never been stronger.

Have your say!

The Government is keen to hear from individuals and organisations. You can read more about the Strategy here:

You can reply using their ON-LINE Response form here:

What is Support Cambridgeshire doing in response to the consultation?

Support Cambridgeshire partners have already been involved in sector wide discussions with other infrastructure organisations and our views will be delivered to Government via NAVCA 

We are also holding our own Face to Face discussions with the Department of Media, Culture and Sports, the Government Department responsible for delivering the strategy.

More news will follow shortly.

What is the Government Timetable?

Over the next 12 weeks Government representatives will be reviewing the ONLINE feedback they receive. The consultation closes on the 22nd May so any responses need to be processed relatively quickly.

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