Charity Commission changes how you engage with it online

For those organisations who are or are looking to register to become a Charity. The Charity Commission has changed how it engages with the Trustees and indivusdial linked with registered charities.

In an article released on the 8th of November on the organisation’s website, the Commission talks about how they want to ‘build more supportive and meaningful relationships with you as an individual’, creating personalised individuals profile.

The article talks about what the ‘My Charity Commission Account’ is and how to set it up. It then talks about the benefits saying how it will allow those linked with more than one organisation to ‘have the option to view all your charities in one place. By using the same email address for each charity, you’ll only need to set up one account as it will link it to all your charities’

At Support Cambridgeshire can see how this could be useful for some, but we do also wonder if this is just another password which we all need to remember and a system we have to learn how to use.

To read the full article and to find out more click HERE


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