Cambridgeshire Priorities Capital Funding / Community Assets / Expressions of Interest 24th September

Grants available: Up to £40,000

Applications close: Expressions of interests by 24th September

Who is the funding for; Public bodies, including Parish and Town councils, and also to community organisations. The fund will award grants of up to £40,000 to support with the capital costs needed by an organisation to make a community building or other community asset better meet the needs of local residents and users of the facility.

Link: Cambridgeshire Priorities Capital Fund – Cambridgeshire County Council


The Cambridgeshire Priorities Capital Fund (CPCF) is a pot of £1,000,000 ear-marked to support local communities to upgrade and improve community buildings and assets so they better meet the needs of the families, households, and communities who use them. We know that when people can influence and shape the services they are using, the support from these services becomes both more personalised and more effective. By putting people at the forefront of decision making around the community buildings they value and use, we want to fund the work that will make positive changes in local communities and, in doing so, will also deliver the ambitions set out in the County Council’s Strategic Framework. The principle of keeping local people at the heart of everything we do and working with communities and partners to design and develop local services, is at the heart of the Council’s commitment to decentralisation.

Funding Criteria
The Fund’s purpose is to support the modernisation and improvement of community buildings, spaces and facilities. Applications to the Fund must evidence how the proposal will support the Council to achieve its vision through the delivery of at least three of its ambitions as set out in our Strategic Framework 2023-28 and summarised below:

1. Net zero carbon emissions for Cambridgeshire by 2045, and our communities and natural environment are supported to adapt and thrive as the climate changes.
2. Travel across the county is safer and more environmentally sustainable.
3. Health inequalities are reduced.
4. People enjoy healthy, safe, and independent lives through timely support that is most suited to their needs.
5. People are helped out of poverty and income inequality.
6. Places and communities prosper because they have a resilient and inclusive economy, access to good quality public services and social justice is prioritised.
7. Children and young people have opportunities to thrive.

We particularly welcome applications that support the Council to achieve the aims and ambitions of the Care Together programme, by recognising the important role community assets can play in supporting people to remain independent at home for as long as possible, for example by providing spaces that support people to remain active and stay socially connected.


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